21st Century Purse

What’s in your 21stCentury purse? If you are male and carry a man-purse that counts.

Update – apparently my little tale was too boring to get through and no one has answered my question so I’ve moved it to the top. Come on people, this is your opportunity to regale us with cute tales of how you went to get a pen out of your purse and all you could find was a rubber ducky and a binky. Or how about the one where you thought you put your checkbook in your purse only to discover it was a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar leaving you unable to pay for your purchase and totally humiliated. Or how about the one about the condom? Surely someone has a good condom story to tell.

You know it happens. Now spill!

My daughter reached into my very small purse today and pulled something out and said, “Wow! What is this spy gadget?”
“Oh – that’s a jump drive”
“A jump drive? What’s that?”
“Its a portable hard drive you can plug into your USB port. It’s really cool”
“Boooring… it looks like something you could plug into a special security lock and then the numbers would flash across this part.”
“Sorry to disappoint!”

So here’s what I have in my purse:
1 wallet
1 Pair of glasses
1 pen
1 lipstick (Stila – Jo)
1 jump drive

1 cell phone
2 AA batteries (probably dead – don’t know)
and if I am not driving the car 1 keyring with 3 keys on it.

That’s it – I like to travel light. No small toys, no loose Cheerios, no emergency rations, no tools, no implements for my hair.

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11 Responses to 21st Century Purse

  1. she falters to rise says:

    I’m so boring:coffee travel mugbreakfast barsunglasses4 pens (two appear to be broken)a sharpiea highliter2 lipsticks/glossesmy walleta handful of grocery store receiptsa handful of post-it notes with messages to myself on thema brusha burrito brothers receiptone earring (where’s the other one?)a screw?

  2. wrnglrjan says:

    wallet (contains driver’s license, insurance, debit and credit cards, library, Costco and other membership cards, change, a few postage stamps and somewhere between zero and twenty dollars in cash)a billion receiptsmy grandpa’s old pocketknifekeysfishing licenseseveral checks that need to be deposited (oops)fancy new Palm I got for my birthdayat least 3 checkbooksseveral pensa small steno pada tampon (oh, the irony!!)a little bottle of Tylenola handful of antacid tabletstwo “you win 1 liter Coke product” diet Coke lidsferry schedulehair clipteeny tiny mag lighta few hard butterscotch candiesa compact screwdriver kita stack of my husband’s business cardsthe receipt for my engagement ring, which allows me to having it inspected and cleaned for free every 6 monthscell phonework badgeprintout from a referral for company Employee Assistance Program from a day several weeks ago when I thought I was feeling the need to “see someone”Everett Aquasox scheduleanother little folding case that holds more membership cards, mostly to places I never go to or don’t belong to any moreno pictures of my kid — how bad is that? yeeshActually, I travel pretty light, too. My purse is maybe 6″x8″X4” — it’s just efficiently used space. :)Jan

  3. Humbly Ann says:

    All I have is a wallet, a cell phone, keys and sunglasses (the receipt for the piece of crap coffee maker I need to return is, sadly, nowhere to be found). Here’s the condom story though:A few years ago my ex high school boyfriend came to say hi and get a tatoo at a famous place in town. I went with him to get the tatoo. About halfway through he was getting woozy so I walked around until I found a place I could buy him a soda. I put it in my purse and brought it back to the tatoo parlor. I took the can out of my purse and handed it to him. He turned it over and on the underside of the can, in the indentation on the bottom, was a condom, stuck in there so perfectly it looked like I had planned it – like a joke, or (blech) a promise. He gave me a “meaningful” look and I spent the rest of the session trying to come up with the most delicate way to let him down later. Gross. The stupid thing was only in my purse because I was doing safe sex workshops in the dorms at the time and was generally swimming in promotional condoms.

  4. jeanne says:

    I hate purses, so I carry a teeny tiny backpack which I stuff with:(You asked):*wallet*credit-card holding thing-y, crammed with the following member cards: video store; DSW Shoe Warehouse; FootAction USA (pretty sure they are out of biz); Olson’s Bookstore; Barnes and Nobles; Hallmark (??!!); get a free loaf of bread after you buy 20 loaves; Amtrak guest rewards (have no idea how to use this); Delta Sky Miles (make me laugh): Frequent Buyer Card at the Bali Outlet (I’ve been there once). (There’s more but you get the idea.)*small filofax into which I cram loathesome amounts of folded papers, guaranteeing i can never find anything I need*a lot of other people’s biz cards, but none of my own*folded up bills which I bring to work intending to pay but never get around to it*those things that girls need*a whole little pocket devoted wholly to drugs! sinus, anxiety, ibuprofen, cool stuff from the body shop for when you have a headache (it’s basically expensive Vick’s vapo-rub)*another little pocket for make-up (which I never touch, so will now toss)*NOD’s freshman college schedule (she’s a sophomore now, thanks for making me clean out my purse!)*notes from a doctor I saw 2 years ago*roll of quarters for doing laundryhad enough? cuz there’s more!

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m afraid I’m the boring-est:Small brush (so tiny it’s cute)WalletPowderLipstickBlistex (my lips aren’t chapped but I’m addicted)PenKeysCell Phone

  6. Stephanie says:

    walletcell phonemake up bag with three lipsticksbody spray1 packet of guglucosamine (supplement for joints)naproxen (medicine for foot/ankle pain)bottle of calcium supplementeye glasses cleaner sprayseveral writing pens

  7. a.maria says:

    wow. some of y’all must have scarily large purses!!! ok, my list is as follows…keyscell phonechapstick/lipliner/glosswallet/checkbookpenfew bobby pins in the bottomthen… garmin watch velcroed around strap as well as a hair clip, clipped to outside zipper pully thing.heh. fun game!

  8. Riona says:

    Um.Cingular billWalletDu-wop Venom FlashMascaraLoose change (U.S. and Canadian)Three jade beadsCanadian $5 bill floating around looseReceiptA cap for some cosmetic or other, long gone.

  9. Unpublished Opinion says:

    well, in the summer, I carry a very large purse, so that I can carry an umbrella, just in case. Thus, I have a lot of stuff:umbrellaiPodTissuesPlannerSunglassesKeysWallet: with $3!TamponsMintsLipstick I never wearChicago TribuneTrain schedule to the suburbsQuick Guide for my GarminHair brush (the kind that folds up)Work IdsChicago transit cardBusiness cards (to enter in contests at restaurants to win free lunch)Gum wrappersWatch I haven’t worn in three months.Packets of splendaPackets of saltBinder clipsLots of Walgreen’s receiptsA post-it with an unidentifiable phone numberVaseline lip therapyA list of events for my next weekend’s tripI don’t think I have seen the bottom of the bag all summer! Thanks for the adventure 🙂

  10. Erin says:

    walletcell phonehard-sided eyeglass casebottle of various pills digital camerasmall mirrorchapsticklip glosspowder make-upsample pack of Allegra Dcontact lens casepenvarious receiptshand creampack of Orbit Citrus-mint gumTrojan “mint tingle” condom

  11. purse says:

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