And so it goes

As I suspected…. he met someone else with whom things have ‘heated up’ over the weekend. I pretty much figured that one out, too. So I’m brushing off my knees and moving forward.

As for the “it wasn’t meant to be” – that may be true but this guy is first one I’ve met in 5 years I was really interested in. Hopefully I don’t have to wait another five.

Thanks for the feedback and support. Special thanks to my sweet daughter Humbly Ann – I love you!

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2 Responses to And so it goes

  1. she falters to rise says:

    You won’t have to wait another five years. I have a good feeling about that, and we all know I’m psychic (or something). I’m sorry that he turned out to be a dud.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry to hear this, 21CM. I know it’s disheartening for you.

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