25 Things You Don’t Really Need to Know

From the very famous “25 Things About Me” game


1. I was born in Ohio, moved to CT when I was 10, went to college in MA and moved to CA for grad school in 1978. When I got to CA I was sure I would never settle here and would return to the East Coast in a few years. I identify as a New Englander but in fact, have lived in CA more than 1/2 my life.

2. I spent 2 years working on a PhD in Physiology but ended up marrying a party boy (as in alcoholic) and going on leave from school. I got a technology job making more money than I would have made as a Post Doc and never looked back.

3. My Dad died of a heart attack when I was 8 and I spent most of my life thinking it was no big deal. It took being an adult and a parent to realize how profoundly that traumatic event impacted me emotionally.

4. I never did anything more athletic than go to Jazzercize until I was almost 40

5. I used to be terrified of riding a bike and didn’t do it for 30 years and now I love my bike and I love riding and although I am always cautious I’m never afraid

6. I used to hate swimming but when I was 45 my son’s swim coach started a masters program so I joined because I figured it would be good for me. I’ve been swimming at least twice a week ever since.

7. I started running when I was 39 and swore I would never, ever run a marathon because that would be nuts! I ran my first marathon when I was 45. I’ve run 2 more since and will certainly run another – possibly as leg 3 of an iron distance race.

8. I was a really picky eater as a child. I’m still not very adventuresome but not so picky. I became a vegetarian in college and then married a butcher and returned to a meat and potatoes diet and then I was a vegetarian again and now I eat meat sometimes because I’m too lazy to get enough protein from a vegetarian diet. I still think meat is disgusting but I like the way it tastes and it is easy.

9. I am very good friends with my ex-husband and will be until the day I die. He’s a good man (sober now for 12 years).

10. I have 3 grown children who I adore more than anything else in the world – they are truly the finest people I know. I’m looking forward to being a really healthy and fun Grandma some years from now.

11. I used to play the flute and the piano and the guitar and now I don’t and although I think that is a big mistake I still waste my time on the internet rather than trying to re-learn how to play.

12. I love waking up in the middle of the night in a place that is silent (with no freeway and no air traffic overhead). I love the sensation of being enveloped in the perfectly still darkness. When I’m in such a place I make a point of waking up in the wee hours just to enjoy the experience.

13. I love it that I live in a place that is semi-urban (as opposed to suburban) but 20 minutes of cycling gets me out to vineyards and cow pastures and empty rolling hills. I wish there was a car barrier on those roads.

14. I love vacations with my siblings and their kids. I’d like one of those that included my son-in-law’s family, too. Bring on the big family parties! The more the merrier.

15. I was married for 11 years. I have been single for 17. I’m starting to think this is a terminal condition in spite of my recent success at dating.

16. I started ‘internet’ dating back when all of the services were free because they were trying to get that crazy idea off the ground.

17. I have profound body image issues in spite of being in phenomenal shape. When I was overweight I was quite certain that everyone hated me simply because I was fat. I’m better now but still have issues and worry way too much about the size of my butt and thighs.

18. I sat and held my mother’s hand while she died. Those scenes on TV and the movies that show it being all peaceful are one of the biggest cultural lies we have going – it’s way more dramatic than that. I’m glad I was there, though.

19. I’m a “thing” person who develops emotional attachments to stuff and can ever let them go. This predilection has extended to my children’s toys which I love far more than they do. As a Grandma I will always have plenty for the grand kids to do at my house.

20. I love arts and crafts but have very little artistic talent. When my kids were little this worked out great because when we did projects (and we did lots of them) I could make stuff that looked like a child made it and the kids thought it was amazing. I somehow produced 3 artistic kids.

21. I love my community and my friends here can never imagine moving away although sometimes I think I might like to live closer to my sister or my brothers or move to someplace that is a lot cheaper than the Bay Area.

22. I’m a helpy-helpteron to the Nth degree. I readily volunteer for stuff and if I say I’m going to get it done I do. People often call on me to do stuff because they know this about me. People often whisper about stuff that needs to be done because they know I’ll take it on and I’m already doing too much. I’d like to thank all the people who help me modulate my tendency to raise my hand and volunteer.

23. I love driving through the tunnel and getting that breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay. It never gets old. In fact I love that view from any vantage point.

24. I’m planning a new career involving something about which I feel passionate because my fondness for not working has had me eating through retirement funds which means that I’ll never be able to retire.

25. I know a little bit about a lot of things but am in expert in nothing. Of all the things I do know I know this much is true – “never” , “forever” and “ever” are all really long times and sometimes you just don’t get there.


2 Responses to 25 Things You Don’t Really Need to Know

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  2. Nikki says:

    It was horrible of that DWF idiot to leave an exact quote from you in her stupid blog. Is she that much of an idiot, or does she know exactly how easy it makes it to find you in 2 seconds? All the while she’s keeping you anonymous to “protect” your identity, I guess.

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