30 days of Gratitude – falling behind

I’m not falling behind on gratitude – I practice being grateful every day. I’ve fallen behind on writing about it which is partly because I’m not spending that much time on-line. At least not recreationally. So here is a catch up post.  As I wrote this post I thought of something important.

Day 13 – Saw The Revenant; Movies are a wonderful thing. They take us away from it all, they teach us things, they stimulate us and engage us.

Day 14 – Thursday was the first day in ages I didn’t go out and do something. It was nice to stay at home and just relax. Although home is where the heart is, my heart is very much in my home that I’ve lived in for 27 years and raised my babies in.  It isn’t the most elegant or beautiful house in the world but it’s cozy and cute and it’s my home, unadorned, simple and quaint though it may be.

Day 15 – Spent the evening and night with a man I’ve been seeing for a while. We have a lot of fun and get along great but decided early on not to commit to each other so we’ve both been dating this whole time. I could fill a book with the emotional impact of this relationship but mostly it’s been good for me and I value this man and now  have another great person in my life. Friday was the last night of things as they were – moving on to things that are different from what they were and growing in the process.  I accepted that we weren’t crazy in love (or, more accurately that he wasn’t crazy in love with me) and just let things be what they were until I realized there was some danger in carrying on and I changed it. And he accepted that.  It’s been a very positive experience.

Day 16 – I ran 3 miles and didn’t hate it. This is very good as I’m a triathlete and running is part of the process. Running is not my fave so I was very happy to have a run that felt okay and that I didn’t hate even though my pace is sooooo slooooow…… Baby steps. Grateful for acceptance

Day 17 – Went to spin class and out to breakfast with my Team Redeem bestie. Love her, love our time together. Happy.

There is a philosophy that says everyone should pick a word that represents their work for that year.  I can’t remember where it comes from and I don’t feel like looking it up but it might be from Oriah Mountain DreamerI’m not sure.  In any case, it’s a useful thing to do and I have, in prior years, spent time coming up with a word. Today the word came to me.  Acceptance.


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