Day 5 (the 30 day gratitude challenge)

This is day 5 on day 6 because I got distracted last night and didn’t write my post.

I had another day of having trouble choosing what to write about so there’s that.  I’ve settled on rain – it is raining and California was in really desperate need of rain so we are grateful it is happening.  Even more important is the snow up in the Sierra.  We are ahead of target on snow pack which we depend on to keep the water flowing all summer.  It’s a little dreary but it’s beautiful!

This is Lake Folsom at the height of the drought – so low you could see old towns that were covered when the dam was built and cars from unsolved deaths of years ago.


As of today the water has risen 28.5  feet. I couldn’t find a picture but I think those docks are back in the water now.

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