And so it Begins…

Happy New Year!  Oh yes… today is a day that should be like any other and yet it is not because it is the first day we get to start ending the date we note with 2014, instead of 2013 and that makes all the difference in the world!

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

I’ve been hearing that song a lot lately, sung by Nina Simone, although she died 10 years ago.  It just keeps popping up and I’m doing my best to take it as a message to greet each day with an open heart and the will and desire to make it a good one.   Easy peasy, right?  Right.  Just shuck off those cranky pants, put on a smile and try not to be surprised when everyone wonders what you are doing running around with no pants on.  Wait… I mean.. you know…

I mean it, though.  I need to get my ass in gear and do stuff.  I need to quit just thinking about it and actually do it – this is a weakness of mine.  I suffer from an over abundance of inertia and I need to push myself to do things until doing them is more my habit than not doing them.  I’m kind of an old dog so we’ll see.

Several people posted funny or personal things to Facebook today in honor of the new year and I repeat them here for your pleasure:

From Tammy whose blog I would link to if I knew the URL   “I haven’t had any alcohol or sugar all year! Am I skinny yet?!?”  You’ve always looked great to me, Tammy.  Happy New Year!

From my nephew:

2014 goals:

•Be more open and adventurous with everything in life. People, experience, opportunity, everything.
•Be constantly challenged
•Don’t be a dick
•Hold on when I get love, let go when I give it
(totally stole that last one from a Stars song. Good advice though)
Happy New Year Everyone!

to which several of us responded “I think you forgot to include ‘spend more time with me!'”  because we like spending time with him.

From Katie who loves language “HNY”  Right back at you, girl!

From my friend Carrie – “Happy New Year to all of you!! We are just about to embark on a fun family adventure/goal for 2014. Our plan is to hike/run together as a family with Rico on as many trails as we can in the Bay Area. …We’ll make a Shutterfly book of all the pictures. Will be cool to look back on it at the end of the year. So many trails to choose from!!!”  I can’t wait to see the book and maybe, join your family on a hike or 2!  Happy New Year, my friend!

From my internet friend ROT: It’s hard to believe the Earth is 2014 years old! Amazing such a jokester!

From Clancy: Wouldn’t it be amazing if every morning was treated like the first day of the New Year?  Yes, yes it would and that’s what I’m working on.

And on that note I offer a hearty HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all and the entire song.

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1 Response to And so it Begins…

  1. Tea says:

    Over abundance of inertia, might be the best phrase I’ve heard all week.

    I like Clancy. I was thinking the same thing. I saw some new runners on New Year’s Day. The woman was so happy, so almost jumped when I said, “Happy New Year”. She waved at me and yelled, “OH YES! Happy New Year Indeed!” It took me a second to realize that when she waved at me, she was wearing teddy bear mittens.

    That’s how I want my year to be. I want to feel like jumping and waving teddy bear mittens at everyone.

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