What Gear Are you In?

Today in the paper (yes – I still take a paper) there was a feature called Bay Area Living in which they ask the interesting question “If your life were car what gear would you be in?”

I like to think I’m trying to keep it in 4th with an occasional burst to 5th; pedal to the metal, baby.

How about you?

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10 Responses to What Gear Are you In?

  1. Juls says:

    On a dirt road with my windows down and the top down. I’d probably be in 4th gear just taking it in.

  2. fe-lady says:

    Today…I barely made it out of idle it seemed- still ran and swam and did OK but mentally wasn’t INTO it!
    Tomorrow is another day and another workout!

  3. Don says:

    3rd gear. Way too big a gear for the off road stuff and I start whining at higher speeds.

  4. Wendy says:

    At the moment … neutral. And wavering between first and reverse. More coffee might help tip the balance, though!

  5. Black Knight says:

    At the moment I am at the 1st. Congrats for the triplets … interesting the Belleville one.

  6. Tac Boy says:

    6th gear, pedal to the metal. Not cause I planned it that way…just how Tmama and I roll.

  7. David says:

    I am so bad. I never updated my Bloglines when you moved. Doh!

  8. comms says:

    figured I’d leave a post on this wall too. Hope you’re having a good week.

  9. Rural Girl says:

    that’s a very good question! Depends on the day and the mood. Regarding your recent suggestion on Oceanside and Vineman; I don’t know what to do! So confused!

  10. Lucinda says:

    In the mornings i’d trundle along, and like Rural Girl, it would really depend on the day and mood.

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