Thursday 13 numero uno

Misty and SWTri Girl both do it so I’m doing it, too.

Uno – I’m still a little sore but I guess that’s to be expected

Dos – I ran last night.  It was re-affirming to be able to run for 30 whole minutes

Tres – I swam today.   Just 1200 meters but I did it

Cuatro – I got my first 2 weeks of a training plan from Coach Tammy.

Cinco – My life is about to change

Seis –  I covet Pirate’s bike  and don’t want to give it back but I will

Siete –  Every day that goes by I get more proud of my bike split at Vineman

Ocho – I’m a little slow to appreciate myself

Nueve – My baby girl is with my big girl and I miss both of them.

Diez – Can’t stop  thnking about ice cream and I don’t generally eat ice cream

Once – is running out of how to write numbers in Spanish

Doce –  is ever grateful for the internet

13 – but sometimes too lazy to use it

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2 Responses to Thursday 13 numero uno

  1. Molly says:

    You SHOULD be proud of your bike split at Vineman – it was smoking!!!!

  2. jeanne says:

    your life is about to change??????? NO FAIR TO LEAVE US HANGING!!!

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