Everybody’s Doin’ It – ProWash

Pro Wash

Pro Wash

  I was approached by the ProWash people last November and I’ve had the stuff since at least early December so there’s no good excuse for why I’ve had to be goaded into writing this review because Misty and Donald beat me to it.  Or is there?  There sort of is.

I was very excited to be asked to try this stuff because I had a problem in the form of a malorderous sports bra that wafts the stench of a 1,000 Durian fruit when I sweat.  I love that bra, though so I wanted to salvage it.  It was with that in mind that I washed my first load of stinking sports clothes with 1 oz. of ProWash.  When the load was dry I eagerly fetched my bra, held it tight to my nose and was greeted with the smell of the great outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.  But would it stand up to a run?  Oh yes – yes it did!  I no longer envisioned myself running along being chased by a trail of flies like a garbage truck.  Sheer joy.

The sort of reason I took a while to write the review is that the first time I used the product I stupidly added a pair of new, never been washed, BROWN, Injinji socks to the load.  they were not colorfast.  It caused a problem and I thought the Pro Wash was it but no – it was my stupidity.  So remember, kids, don’t put brand new, dark things in with h light things.  If you do just remember that OxyClean and Shout are your friends.  I recovered the messed up clothes.

I tried the Pro Wash twice more – once with 2 measures of  Pro Wash (because that’s what the package says for some types of top loaders) and once with 1 measure of Pro Wash and 1 of regular degergent.  That last combo is my favorite.  The clothes smell really great and are sparkly clean.   It’s very cost effective, too.  You can get 3 24 oz. pouches  (it comes in a soft containter) for $22.46 from Amazon which works out to about 31 cents a load. That’s more than worth it to extend the life of a favorite running shirt or bra.

If you just happen to stink up your exercise clothes and find that over time the stink is there the second you start to sweat you really need to buy some Pro Wash.    If you don’t stink up your clothes would you mind terribly telling me what your secret is?  Sounds very handy!

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7 Responses to Everybody’s Doin’ It – ProWash

  1. Spokane Al says:

    Decades ago when I was stationed in Thailand I still remember how excited the cattle got when a farmer would break open a durian. They would smell the fruit and try to get to it. They loved it.

  2. Have you been getting any of my messages? I emailed you a hundred times and now I think my email is broken.

    Poor neglected susan.

  3. oops. forgot to log out.

  4. They make durian bubble tea. That has to be the foulest thing ever!

  5. Runner Leana says:

    Oh durian….I love durian ice cream, but I still can’t get over the smell of fresh durian fruit. Glad to hear that ProWash did the trick because I definitely have my share of perma-stink clothes. I can’t get it in Canada yet, but if the products here don’t do the trick I’ll try to pick some up the next time I’m in the US.

  6. jeanne says:

    duran duran? what?

    Who wears BROWN socks??

    I’m reviewing this stuff RIGHT THIS MINUTE, so that’s why i found your review. 🙂

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