Hump Day Miscellany – Events

I’ve been listing stuff to include in this edition of Hump Day Miscellany and the list seemd long but as with all things in the life of a triathlete that seem long and hard I will forge on (most all things that seem long and hard, that is).

1). CdA – my sherpa experience in Coeur d’Alene was really fun but also really emblematic of my life. I hung out almost exclusively with my friend DPR who is also a chum. She has a sushi hat and we just need to get her one of these and get her out for Sharkfest and the circle will be complete. But I digress. The emblematic part is that I seemed always to be on the fringe of things. I missed the big party Thursday night and I missed the big party on Monday night (with the tequila and the lovin’) and I missed seeing some people on the course. I did other stuff like volunteer in sunscreen and as a catcher. So ultimately I felt like I was part of the group but not. And that’s very typical for me. I have pictures and stuff but honestly at this point I think you’ve seen it all. Congrats to all of the finishers – you were awesome!

2). My kitty – what a sad day last Friday was. It actually started Monday evening when I got back from CdA and went to The Good Doctor’s house to pick her up (his other nickname has been retired). He looked up at me with her on his lap and said, “you have to have this cat put down”. I knew that was true but didn’t want to face it. He called Wednesday and asked me if I had done it and I said no so he said he would go with me. I couldn’t do it at a time that worked for him until Friday but true to his word he came over after work and he went with me and he rubbed my back while I sobbed over the table as she went to sleep and he hugged me while I cried and he buried her for me. He’s a really good man, hence the new name.

3). The Good Doctor has thrown out his back. It happened this weekend. I’m trying really hard not to blame his digging a grave for it since it didn’t happen until Sunday and since he went on a hike with a backpack and then went to an outdoor concert and sat on concrete steps but I do tend to blame myself for pretty much everything that’s wrong in the world. He has not made that connection. Anyhow, his mountain climbing trip is down the tubes and he can’t ride right now. I’m going to miss him.

4). I’ve started using my own Inifinit formula and I love it. I will have to do a full blown Infinit PSA one of these days – great stuff!

5). Why is it that no matter how much BodyGlide you slather your neck with you end up with a wetsuit hickey? Sharkfest left me with one on my neck and a couple of little ones on my …. what to call it…. 2nd boob area. You know, just to the side of the armpit and above the boob. Ow.

6). I’m a disco queen and you can see my pic on the blog site of Bay Area weather reporter, Roberta Gonzales. Click here and go down to picture #11. That’s me on the far left. This was taken at the Disco party that was thrown to comisserate the cancellation of the WS-100 but to celebrate life. It was fun.

7). Blogland met Real Life at BSLT when DPR said hello to Joe Foster and Kim Bruce. I love it when my worlds collide! Kim won a Kona slot in that race, too! Go Kim!

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17 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Events

  1. don says:

    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your cat. Havingn to euthanize a pet is a very difficult thing to do. Big hug to you.

    BTW. I am also using InfiniT and I quite like it as well.

  2. Tammy says:

    Fringe sucks.
    The Good Doctor rocks.
    And next time, try a piece of tape on your neck.

  3. You can use Bodyglide for that, too? Who knew!

  4. Iron Jenny says:

    Pamela! I’m finally back from vacation early early Wednesdy – like 1:00 a.m. grrrr
    … and I am so sad about your cat – I have been through that myself and there really is nothing harder. I’m glad you had the good doctor with you as comfort.
    I’ll eventually blog about CdA, too – but so much time has passed I also wonder what else I can offer! Although I did take a little video so maybe I’ll post something on youtube … 😉
    Can’t wait to see you again for Vineman in just a couple of weeks!
    p.s. – I also have that sushi hat!

  5. jeanne says:

    so sorry about your cat but your doctor! what a guy! hang on to him.

    you know celebrities?!?!?


    you are looking FIT.

  6. swtrigal says:

    So sad about your kitty (tears in my eyes). What a way to come home from “vacation” Sorry we did not get ot hang out more too! i was at the party Thursday and still missed it..

  7. Anne says:

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. I too have been alone in a room while a pet passed away, so I understand the anguish and dread and ultimate grief. He sounds like a good doctor indeed.

  8. Wendy says:

    It is indescribably hard to say good-bye to a treasured member of the household, but all the moreso I think when, to end suffering from which they cannot recover, the decision is yours.

    Again, I’m sorry for your loss.

  9. fe-lady says:

    I immediately thought about you pulling her collar out of your pocket just as we were saying goodbye to you. (sigh)
    You have experienced a wide range of emotions the past couple of weeks. Glad your “highs” as well as “lows” were shared with people who love you.
    You did the right thing by ending her suffering.

    Next Ironman get yourself to and from the airport and that’s it….I know there is a “mom” in your blog name….and it’s hard to deviate from what we think we are meant to do sometimes.

    And if it’s any consolation…I too was further out on the fringes than you were. But I think that was my choice for not being able to race.

  10. Sad to say the necessary goodbye to your Kitty.

  11. stronger says:

    I was glad to hear that the good doc wasn’t the cause of your kitty loss and glad he could be there with you.

  12. Nancy Toby says:

    Sorry about your kitty!! 😦

    I have a DeSoto 2-piece and have never ever chafed from it, since there’s no zipper or seam at the neck. Well, my arms did chafe once when I wore a sleeveless cycling jersey under it, but that was just dumb.

    Looking forward to your Infinit report – I’m thinking of trying it. Puking at tris gets old.

  13. Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I need to get a pair of those Chuck Norris pants for races. Maybe that can be my “thing” for the 2009 season…

    #1: Don’t fret about being on the “fringe of things.” That means you’re close to the action. That’s about as good as it gets!

    #2: I’m SOOO sorry to hear about your cat! Pharmie would be inconsolable if we got news like that from our vet! Best of luck!!

  14. ihatetoast says:

    i’m sorry about your cat. you were brave and good to let him go so he wouldn’t suffer anymore. i have never had to make that decision and hope i don’t have to. i’m truly sorry for the pain.

    i can’t even giggle about your hickeys. i’ll have to reread later to laugh at … er with you.

  15. MizFit says:

    just found your blog and as a fellow lateinlifer to working out—-I LOVE it.

    (and so sorry about your cat.)


  16. runner susan says:

    sorry about your kitty!

    Your disco pic rocks!

  17. Dori says:

    I’m sorry about your kitty. No one should ever have to be alone when it’s time to euthanize their pet. The doctor is a good man.

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