Hump Day Miscellany – Some Good, Some Not So Good

1). I am blogstipated which is to say I’m full of stuff to say, none of which wants to come out.

2). CdA was a blast and I have pictures and I will post them soon. So many have posted about the experience already I feel like I’m not contributing much but then again there is my story of the weekend and it is bound to be a bit different.

3). I’ve got no sprint in the pool. Seriously. My first 100 warm up today was a 2:22. Much later in the workout we were to swim 4 100s with 1 and 3 being sprint and 2 and 4 being easy. My first sprint was a 2:26. I was winded and exhausted and it really sucked. I just splash and flail instead of sprinting. I guess that gives me something to work on, right?

4). Califorina is on fire. There are literally 100s of wildfires and the air is foul even where I live and there are no fires near me.

5). The Western States 100 Endurance race has been cancelled. Poor Donald. All that training down the tubes. The runner for our club is bereft. I was supposed to run the aid station at mile 85 and that isn’t happening either.

6). This means that instead of busting a move from Sharkfest Saturday morning I can go have lunch with FeLady and that’s good – for me. It doesn’t, however, help Donald at all.

7). My cat isn’t going to make it. I am having her put down Friday afternoon. The Good Doctor, my riding partner, took care of her all weekend while I was in CdA and is going to go with me to the vet. He’s a good man.

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19 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Some Good, Some Not So Good

  1. LBTEPA says:

    Oh, that’s hard news about your cat

  2. ihatetoast says:

    i’m sorry about the puss. that’s heart breaking.

    and i’ve been so behind that i’m just now catching up. i didn’t realise you were doing curdle lane. glad you enjoyed it. high school mate of mine had to bail. so it’s good to hear good news.

    again, sorry about the puss.

  3. ihatetoast says:

    okay, so reading backwards. you didn’t do curdle lane. next year.

  4. shelley says:

    I’m sorry about your kittie! Say hi to felady for me please!

  5. Misty says:

    It was so great seeing you at Cordy Lane and I’m so sorry about your cat. I feel bad for all the people who trained hard for WS. That race has always intruigued me (not enough to sign up for it, though I suspect Baboo might sometime in the future.)

  6. Spokane Al says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your cat. That is sad.
    It was good to meet you on the run portion of IM CDA. That moment with you and Jennie put a smile on my face and kept me going for a while.

  7. Brent Buckner says:

    Harsh news about your cat.

    Well done to make the hard call.

  8. Donald says:

    Nah … not poor me. The more I read, the more clear it seems that cancellation was the only choice.

    Poor cat. Sorry to hear about her. That’s a much bigger loss than some trail race.

  9. jade lady says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty.

    I’ve had to go thru putting my kitty down last year and driving to the vet was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – even though I knew it was the right thing to do.

    Here’s a few things that u might want to check out – to help ease your grief.

    In case u have not heard of Rainbow Bridge…read this:

    And, I also saw a beautiful book called Cat Heaven, which I plan to buy.

  10. jeanne says:

    awww, sorry about your cat. that’s rough!

  11. Jenny Moore says:

    Pamela – I am so sorry to hear about your cat – that is so so so hard to do. I will be thinking about you, friend.
    I’ll email you in a sec…

  12. Jen says:

    Oh Pam, I’m so sorry about your kitty. 😦

    The air has been soooo nasty here. I have been doing most of my training anyway, don’t feel like I have much choice. It’s probably stupid, I just don’t know what else to do. I can’t believe that about WS 100. 😦 Sucks.

    Would love to hear more about IMCDA and see some pics! That’s sorta kinda my neck of the woods (I’m from Montana) and I miss it. Take care!

  13. Oh Pamela, I’m sorry about your kitty. So soon after Sienna, too…you’re doing the right thing, hard as it is. Bises to you.

  14. Duane says:

    Sorry about your bad news.

  15. Tammy says:

    I have a client doing Sharkfest! You should lunch with her. 🙂

    Poor Donald… imagine training for an event of that magnitude, only to be D-nied! bummer.

  16. RBR says:

    To echo the condolences of others, I am so sorry about your cat. Knowing it is the best thing doesn’t make it any easier of a decision. My thoughts are with you.

    Funny, I don’t really believe in heaven for people, but I always picture my pets in a utopia where the couches are many, the butterflies get chased, there is no age or disease.

  17. Wendy says:

    I, too, extend my sympathies.

  18. Mother Chaos says:

    I’m so sorry. 😦

  19. trimama says:

    Bummer about your cat- it’s always tough to lose a pet. I enjoyed hanging with you once again (although not nearly enough time was spent) Tac and Bigun need to get their technology up to date so we really can meet more regularly on the fictitious planet of Anok- but until that happens, take care.

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