Hump Day Miscellany, eh?

Today’s Hump Day Miscellany celebrates – Canada! That’s where I went last weekend. Toronto, to be precise. I had no idea it was just a big, bustling city. Frankly I’d rather drive in either San Francisco or Boston than Toronto because they have wicked traffic and tons of people on the street and they have signs that tell you you can’t turn right OR left. It was tres difficile as some of the people up there would say. Here are some random things about Canada

1). The squirrels are black. Ebony black. Other than that they act just like squirrels
2). Canadians are VERY aggressive about making left hand turns. Right of way? Yield? No way, eh?
3). They call Dunkin’ Donuts Tim Horton and they call donut holes Timbits. We confused the lady at the counter pretty badly.
4). The weather was most unpredictable. One minute sun, the next a wicked thunder storm. It wrecked our play day. I did manage to run 6 miles and swim 920 meters (the pool was 23 meters, eh?)
5). Toronto caters to the homeless and my brother in law’s van was broken into by a crack head on a bicycle. Fortunatly the van had a great alarm system and they were sitting outside having coffee but still – it was a bummer.
6). My daughter picked up a map that showed where all the gay people live by having a drawing of rainbow flags flying in that neighborhood. It was adorable.
7) Gay marriage is legal and that’s why we went. My niece got married to her girlfriend in what was both a traditional and non-traditional wedding. It was lovely and I cried – several times.
8). I learned on this trip to Canada that my little Pookie, having been accepted to the University of Cape Town, SA got a new tat on her wrist that says “Be Brave”. I want one, too.

Photobucket is broken right now but I”ll post pics when it is fixed.

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11 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany, eh?

  1. Laurie says:

    Timbits, that cracks me up. I’ve heard of Tim Horton’s but not Timbits. I may have to go to Canada just for that. Oh, and the lovely accents.

    Glad you had a good time 🙂

  2. fe-lady says:

    Glad you had such a good time…prepare for more in a couple of days!

    Kent, Ohio has black squirrels.
    Just that area.

    The professor that brought them to my small home town must have sneaked a few across the Canadian border once upon a time!

  3. LBTEPA says:

    A 23m pool? how confusing!
    what a cool tattoo

  4. Don says:

    Actually only people in Eastern Canada go to Tim Hortons. Us westerners refer to them as Tee Ho’s. And I agree with you, there are many other large cities that I would rather drive in than Toronto.
    Yes we Canadians have gay marriage and no it hasn’t resulted in the meldown of the traditional family. Its all just a big yawn unless of course you happen to be a lawyer, then you have a whole new market in divorce court.

  5. momo says:

    i get to toronto quite often for work and i love it there. i’m glad you had a good time and sounds like a beautiful day for everyone!

  6. hilary says:

    if you really want to confuse them, try ordering a single timbit. blows the counter help’s mind.

    Ludington, MI also has black squirrels.

    crackheads on bicycles are in any large North American city — too bad about your BIL’s van; I know what a pain it is to replace a window.

    congrats to your niece and her wife, and congrats to Pookie on the school acceptance. awesome tattoo choice!

  7. jeanne says:

    oh i LOVED toronto when i went! but i was car-less so maybe that made it easier? you were so close to d.c.! you shoulda dropped by.

  8. Wendy says:

    Of course, to confuse the issue, black squirrels are really (melanistic) Eastern Grey squirrels. 😉 We also have the regular grey ones, and red squirrels, but the red ones don’t care for city life!

    Timbits are the reason I call my swimming posts Swim Bits. More trivia: Tim Horton was a real person, an NHL hockey player actually.

    (A 23 metre pool is almost like swimming in a 25 yard pool!)

  9. Jen says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Toronto!

    Congrats to your niece. 🙂

  10. ihatetoast says:

    warshintin dc’s zoo has black squirrels, too. seemed they nearly went buhbye in us because you could pay your taxes with squirrel hides at one time.

  11. jade lady says:

    whoa – black squirrels – (or easterm grey according jeanne)…who would have thought! I thought they only came in brown!

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