Hump Day Miscellany – Takes a Break

Hump Day Miscellany is taking the day off. And the next 4 days after that. Monday Monday will be also be late because I have a wedding to attend. I’m bound for Canada, eh?

See you all on the flip side!

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4 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Takes a Break

  1. Don says:

    Where in Canada are you visiting? Are you coming to Vancouver? If so, bring your fastest gumboots and we can go for a run in the rain.

  2. Black Knight says:

    Please come back soon, the blogsphere and the runner’s world need you. Enjoy your time in Canada. Ciao from rainy Italy.

  3. momo says:

    i hope you are having a great time!! why aren’t you updating in my bloglines, i missed two whole weeks of posts??? i’m sorry, mom!!!

    can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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