Hump Day Miscellany – At’s all about Momo!

In honor of my dear friend Momo I bring you the return of Hump Day Miscellany. She said she missed it.

1). I tried the tire levers – really I did. The tire was just too tight even for them

2). McBikey canceled on our afternoon ride today (too much work) and I thought I’d use it as the perfect excuse to blow off my 90 minute ride but I didn’t. I pulled up my big girl pants (aka my bike shorts) put on my helmet and got it done. All but 6 minutes and 15 seconds but who’s counting?

3). I finally mowed the lawn today. As I live and breath, when I get a job and have an income I’m hiring someone else to do that. I don’t care that it only takes about 30 minutes – I don’t like doing it and I have a tendency to run over rocks and sticks and it makes a terrible noise and I might lose a foot or something.

4). The cat continues to require force feeding. She has shown some minor interest in eating on her own but not enough to sustain her. If anyone knows how to get a cat to start eating again please let me know!

5). We are having very oogey weather for California. It’s actually perfect running weather and it isn’t too bad for cycling but it isn’t sunny and clear by any means. More of a cloudy and windy sort of thing. I want my summer!

6). My blister is healed but I really did a number on my thumb joint. I hope it heals and I haven’t given myself a permanent case of bursitis or arthritis.

7). I have mismatched wheels on my bike – too bad. The wheels still go round and round and that’s about all I need right now. That and some more speed!

8). I love Jet Blue – I just changed my flight and it didn’t cost me a dime! Love them.

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