That’s Just Messed Up!

What’s messed up? My training. Just look at those YTD stats.
Cycling – 108 miles
Swimming – 13.95 miles
Running – 6.66 miles (coincidence? or SATAN!!??)
You know that when you have swum more than twice as far as you have run in a month something is wrong – very wrong. What’s wrong is that I have been a big baby about running.

Today I was determined to fix this problem. I wanted to swim then run but getting up at 5 just wasn’t in the cards because I allowed the bed to seduce me into its warm and loving embrace. In fact – I didn’t even get out of bed until 7:15. Who in the world who has a job stays in bed until 7:15??!!!

So I finally threw my legs over the side of the bed and just got dressed and got out the door before I knew what hit me. And then I tried to run – tried being the operative word. OMG! My legs seemed to have an inexplicable draw toward the ground and just didn’t want to give it up for anything. I looked at the Garmin which said awful things like “12:45” or “14:22” and I yelled at it – YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP – I WISH YOU WEREN’T A LIAR! but it didn’t help. The numbers just got uglier. Then I had the remarkably optimistic thought that I must have set it for speed instead of pace and I was really running 13.33 MPH – HA! Of course I was! Such a dreamer.

So I got home and plugged the Garmin into it’s data sucker and uploaded the data and the results were irrefutable – my splits were:
13:39, 12:42, 11:27. ( I really only ran 2;66 but that made YTD 5.66 which in no way lent itself to a good Dana Carvey joke)

At least my efforts to speed up counted for something – but really. 12:45/mile???? UGH.

I’m thinking it is time to quit sitting on the couch knitting and watching reruns of CSI. Yes – seriously. I have been doing that. I hang my head in shame for the sloth and lack of drive.

The nice thing about this is there’s only way to go now – faster.

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