It’s that Time of Year Again

Time for the Bloggies, that is!

And you know what I just did? I nominated myself for best sports blog. Seriously! Wouldn’t that be a hoot if I got enough nominations to make the top 5 list. Hahahahaha.. oh I crack myself up.

The other thing I did that makes more sense is I nominated the Complete Running Network. If you have not seen the new CRN makeover git on over there. More importantly – sign up! You should do this whether or not you signed up before because the new, improved CRN has spots for more information like your gender, location, pace, interests. You can even admit to being a triathlete! The goodness of this is that CRN has a search function that might help you find like minded individuals in your area.

So go on – join the party! Sign up!

And nominate. Heck, you could nominate both of us!

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