One minute you are foot loose and fancy free and the next you are trying to comfort a crying baby. One minute you are up to your elbows in dirty diapers and piles of laundry consisting of liliputian sized garments and the next you are dropping them off for the first day of kindergarten. One minute you are reading them a story and tucking them in bed and the next you are helping them move into the dorm. One minute you are helping them cope with the rigors and stress of college life and the next you are helping them pack the car to move to another state. One minute you are making a Thanksgiving feast and sitting down with your whole family and other guests and the next minute you are taking your daughter and son in law to the airport to return to their very adult and fully independent life.

It was so nice to have all the kids here if only for a moment. Tonight Daughter number one is back in the mid-west, daughter number two is out with her college friends (which might not be tolerable if it weren’t for the fact that she will be back in 3 weeks) and small son is off with a friend working on a school project. He’ll be blowing back through here for a minute on Saturday night before he heads back to Southern California.

I feel like I’ve crashed from a sugar high. I was going to go for a run to pick myself up but I managed to sidestep that by reading blogs until it got dark. I suppose I could just go eat some more pie but I don’t think that will really do the trick. Where is the teleporter when you need one?

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5 Responses to Poof!

  1. twenty first century sis says:

    Man! Isn’t it the truth! The time just flys and those kids that needed you every minute only have a few minutes between all the other things in their lives for you- and you are so grateful for it! Amazing how the tables turn.

  2. david says:

    That’s why I called my dad tonight. He was very grateful. He had his other son and daughter over fixing him dinner, a night after he got all fat and happy at some neighbor’s place yesterday. He spoke to the grandsons too.

  3. Trimama says:

    Four years until my seeds begin to disperse- wonder what they will grow 🙂 4 years seems like a long time and yet I know it will be gone in an instant- so I am Thankful to have that perspective with each of these holidays and seasons. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Bill says:


    Right now we’re just counting down the days until he’s 18 and out the door.

    He’s got it all figured out, yet won’t take responsibility for much of anything. Yet we hold on to the knowledge that he’s very polite and helpful for folks outside of this home.

  5. fe-lady says:

    I missed having my daughter and friends over this year…will have to make up for it at Christmas! Yes, where DOES the time go?

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