Throw a Dog a Bone!

**Update – I added PantherGirl’s code to my page so you can click right over there —> to help Kelso pay his bills. Thanks! This code should scroll the black Friday specials, too.

My friend Panther Girl has a greyhound she rescued named Kelso. Kelso had a spinal disk problem that landed him in the doggie hospital. As luck would have it he didn’t need surgery but he did need the well attended convalescence long enough to rack up a bill for $3200. Ouch.

So – do you by any chance have plans to purchase something at in the near future? If so, if you could get to Amazon via The Dog’s Breakfast, Panther Girls most excellent blog, she will get financial credit for any purchases you make. You don’t need to buy the stuff featured in her side bar – you just need to get to Amazon via her sidebar and then buy something.

Thanks a bunch and Kelso says “Woof!”

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3 Responses to Throw a Dog a Bone!

  1. Donald says:

    Oh, gosh … I’m on Amazon almost every day this time of year. I can certainly help out with this.

  2. panthergirl says:

    OMG…. thank you!!! I will send you the code later today but in the meantime, I cannot thank you enough!

  3. Trimama says:

    Oh yea, Black Friday’s coming and I’ll be at the computer….

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