Halloween Help for the Procrastinator

Have you failed to come up with a costume but really want to dress up? Here are some ideas for a quick DIY costume from one of my favorite crafty sites, ThreadBanger

Yes – I am a closet crafter. I made most of my own clothes in high school. I love that stuff and I love it that there are young people who eschew the seduction of Juicy Coutour and Kate Spade for funk.

Signed – 21stCenturyPerpetualHippie

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3 Responses to Halloween Help for the Procrastinator

  1. momo says:

    how’d you know i needed something like this? i’m thinking the refrigerator magnet is just up my alley. or maybe the chiclet. hahaha!

  2. Rachel says:

    Hope you are recovering well after Soma! It was a hot one, wasn’t it? Phew!

  3. you are scaring me, with your crafty ways.

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