Public Eavesdropping

Public Eavesdropping is a regular feature in the San Francisco Chronicle. It’s always funny and sometimes hits very close to home.

From 7/31
I know it’s an accomplishment, but right now I feel like crap.”
Man to his family, overheard at the finish line of Sunday’s San Francisco marathon by Dan Tintor

From 8/24 (not available on-line)
“Now I understand why my dad was into bowling”
Overheard while standing waist-deep in water waiting for the start of a triathlon in Pleasanton, by Jonathan Lance

Other great examples of this very funny feature:

“Personally, I’ve had it with Downward-Facing Dog.”
Woman yoga semi-enthusiast, overheard on line at Tartine Bakery

(blog editors note: if you are ever in San Francisco and want a delicious, calorie packed gastronomic delight visit Tartine. Yum, Yum, Yum)

“Think thong.”
Trainer to female client, overheard at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center by Peter Schumacher

And then there is this all purpose, always timely quote:

“Stop telling everyone the world’s ending in 2012. It makes me feel hurried.”
Woman to man, overheard at a sushi bar in the Sunset by Tosha Silver

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4 Responses to Public Eavesdropping

  1. stronger says:

    I like it. It’s raw.

  2. trimama says:

    I like the challenge of writing little stories off of snippets I hear, or expressions or circumstances I see- this is a great snapshot into lives

  3. Phoenix says:

    Think Thong. That’s my motto.

    Oh, and regarding the below post – HOLY CRAP – that was an awesome ride. I would have turned around at the first hill, crying like a little girl. And you are always interesting.

  4. fe-lady says:

    Just what I needed! Thanks! And the YMCA swim in the bay? Did you enter?
    From now on I will “think Thong”- altho to me it always means a flip-flop..!

    Hey, we need to go to that restaurant next year after Sharkfest!

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