RIP 101

No – I don’t mean that this is an introductory lesson in how to let someone rest in peace or how to hold a funeral. There is a funeral in tri-land, though. The 101 series has announced that all remaining races have been cancelled. I’m sure you already knew that since the news hit the wires yesterday and the buzz has been furious.

Some people are sad as they liked the new distance and more importantly, they liked the idea of someone going up against NA and the Ironman brand. Some are angry as they bought airline tickets to fly to a 101 event and now they are stuck with tickets and no race.

I am curious as to the real reasons this series closed. I have my own ideas and I’m sure you have yours. I’m not sure it is worth speculating on why the race closed as I’m sure the 101 organizers will give more details soon.

I am curious as to your thoughts and feelings about the races themselves, t hough. So what do you think? Were you registered for a 101 event? Had you hoped to do one next year? How do you feel about what appears to be the early demise of this series? Are you hoping they’ll try again next year, perhaps with fewer events? Were you planning on registering for the already announced Clearlake 101 2008?

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4 Responses to RIP 101

  1. Donald says:

    Yeah … I’m always nervous about first time events, but I was thinking of the CA race for 2008. Count me in the sad group.

  2. momo says:

    i don’t really have an opinion, i didn’t look at them very long because every “first time” race i’ve ever done has been miserable. it takes a year or so to get it right, so i figured maybe next year. i guess that’s not happening now. so i guess my opinion actually is that i’m not all that surprised.

  3. bold says:

    i don’t think that 101 was competing against Ironman.

    i think they were competing against everything that was non-Ironman. they just didn’t realize that.

    STRATEGIC MISTAKE in my opinion.

    if they wanted to compete against Ironman, they would have made their races 140.7 miles, and made the claim ‘everything you always wanted in an Ironman, plus’. peeps coulda raced the distance, become an Ironman, plus.

  4. IronJenny says:

    OMG Bold’s comment is funny…
    I would love to have tried that distance… feel like an endurance junkie, but get out before the diarrhea strikes.

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