I Think Planning a W3dding was Easier

note – noting new here but apparently the “w” word in the title attracts spammers like nobodies business so I had to send it underground.

Of course my daughter did most of the planning for the w3dding so it was super easy for me and I tried to get all of you to plan the rest of my season for me but there seems to be a fly in the ointment – my brain. So before I reveal the results of our joint planning efforts I’d like to thank you all again for your feedback much of which makes up the bulk of this post.

So far it looks like this:

July 4 – 5K
July 21 – Tri for Fun (teeny sprint, not timed)
July 29 SF 1/2 Marathon
Aug 12 – Folsom International
Sept 16 – Tri for Real Sprint distance (“A” Race!)

I may do one or both of the Alcatraz swims but they are expensive and therefore optional. They don’t really interfere with anything else so I don’t have to worry about it right now. I am also busy being a Nike pimp to get into the Nike Women’s Half. There are ways but you have to genuflect at the alter of Nike to get there. We’ll see how far I’m willing to take that.

So that leaves us (by “us” I mean “me”) with the question – what to do about SOMA??

When pondering whether to do the Half or Quarterman I asked myself “WWBD” (What Would Bold Do)? And then I thought, “hey – I could just ask him!” so I sent an email to Coach Bold who responded,

“the answer is simple.
you should do the short course.

you are doing it the right way, giving yourself the
opportunity to enjoy the shorter distances, like the
Oly at Wildflower, before you subject yourself to the

(if it weren’t for that capitaliztion of Oly and Wildflower I might have to start calling him -ee Bold, but I digress)
He also said: “having done from super-sprint to Ironman… let me assure you, it’s just more of the same and you are not missing anything.”

And, “just remember, don’t buy into the hype. you don’t have to be an Ironman, to be a triathlete.”

Hmmm…. true dat but there’s no IM on the table here so I kept searching through my comments section. You can see everyone’s feedback after the jump. The upshot is that several people said to go for the half but others agree that a half is just a longer version of an Oly so why not have fun and do what you know you can do?

I get that ‘more of the same message’ but there are a bunch of other reasons to go long on this one. First of all, this year I am doing more events than I’ve done in the last 10 years combined so this is my big year and it would be good to get a 70.3 in there. Second of all, if I do Wildflower next year I’d like to do the half so that I can party on Saturday night. I know, I know… that was spoken like a truly committed triathlete (hee!). Lastly, going to do SOmA is a huge deal involving airplanes and bike boxes and lots of expense so I might as well do it up. And last, but certainly not least, I want to see if I can. Isn’t that a lot of what this sport is about? I want to feel my limits and then push them out a little further.

All I have to do now is get past the fear of failure that plagued me with a dream this morning of being on my bike and desperately wishing to be done and wondering ‘why oh why did I sign up for this disance??!!” and I’m set. I have a strategy for quelling my fear and moving from talking myself into it to making an informed decision. Next weekend I will do a long bike ride (~50 miles)followed by a 6 or 7 mile run. It will probably be really hot by the time I get to the run which is probably a good simulation. If that goes okay I’m in for the 1/2. Otherwise I’ll stick with the quarterman. I’d ask you if that all sounds good but I think I’ve asked enough of you. Thanks again for your feedback with a special shout out to Coach Bold.

In comments I got the following advice –

Laurie said – “I was a bit surprised to see that you are considering the half at SOMA. You’ve only done one Olympic though you could do another before that time. But why be miserable doing a half when you are not fully ready?”

For a split second I thought that Laurie and Bold were the same person but then I remembered that I have met and photographed Bold and Jeanne has met and photographed Laurie and although they both have great haircuts they are clearly not the same person. They may share a brain but they don’t share a body – at least not that we know of.

DPR said – you can count on a PR at SOMA. It’s a flat course, well laid out. Then in email she said “you’re doing the half? Efffing excellent!” and when I said I wasn’t sure she sent me a list of pros and cons for each distance. For the Quarterman there are only pros, for the 1/2 the only problem is lack of cheering section if you come in late. I, however, will have a cheering section of the DPR and probably others if they don’t need to get out of Dodge ASAP to get home.

Fe Lady said – “A. Challenge, Soma” which I think means the half since it was before the Quarterman in the poll.

Momo said, “The half is really doable. It’s 3 loops on the same course, so a lot of 180’s but nice. The run is two loops. All on parts of the IMAZ course. To do the 1/2, you’ll probably need a few 4 hour rides, say maybe 3 under your belt. The swim is easy (no current or wake or anything), and for the run, you’ll need to get to about 12 miles or so. There’s lots of time till October, if you have time. Otherwise do the Quarter and have fun with it!!”

Mal said – “Go the half, take the challenge and enjoy the journey, if t is your first half you will blitz a PR no matter what , it is just a longer day at the office
Just make sure it is easier than wildflower LOL” And we know that’s true.

iLikeToast said – “i wanted to pick them all but went with SOMA half …. with all the other bloggers there, you’d feel short changed without the half so not the quarter”

Larissa says – “I’d say SOMA for sure – whichever distance makes you tingle” and then “You CAN do the HIM! And if you’re thinkin’ about it, you wanna do it. You know you do!

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15 Responses to I Think Planning a W3dding was Easier

  1. Laurie says:

    Wow, ummm, all I can say is great minds think alike.

    I do think that your plan to test out a 50 mile ride followed by a 6 or 7 mile run is a good idea.

    I hope I never sounded like I was doubting your abilities. You can do the half if you set your mind to it. I will be behind you cheering you on whatever you decide!

  2. jeanne says:

    wow, my brain hurts after reading all that thinking and planning. since i don’t know half of what everyone is talking about (SOMA? is that a sleeping pill?), all i can say is good luck! Trust your gut. It holds the answer.

  3. bold says:

    now, i truly feel like a real coach, or my coach, when the athlete doesn’t follow the advice!

  4. iliketoast says:

    well the coach is really a Canadian … think about it …. eh ….. ok. It all looks good to me … sounds like you are set for a good, big year …. now enjoy it!

  5. momo says:

    above all, whichever you choose, have FUN! 🙂

  6. black knight says:

    A busy running july and I wish a lot of “glory”. Many events give you the right motivation for an intensive training.
    In italian Soma means burden!

  7. Amy says:

    Sounds like you have given it a lot of thought and have a good plan. Above all else, do what your gut tells you do and just have fun.

    Ps…liked the pictures in your last post.

  8. I agree – if you’re going already, why not do it big. I also agree that the half is the same as the quarter, but more of it.

    SO, seriously – there is no down side. either way I’ll be there with ya!

    Find your compelling reason and go with it – every tri has to have a reason. N’est ce pas?

  9. waddler says:

    I totally agree. It’s a natural progression of things. The purpose is to enjoy it not torture yourself!

  10. LBTEPA says:

    you’ll probably have that “OMG why did I sign up for this I hate this this sucks I suck” feelings at some time during the race whichever one you do – but that probably doesn’t help with your decision, sorry..

  11. Hilary says:

    Yay! I’ll come cheer you in at the SF 1/2. Send me the pertinent info!
    My main reasoning for suggesting the quarter rather than the half at SOMA? You seemed to have some trouble motivating for training for Wildflower. However, you’ll have a lot more racing time under your belt by September than you did for your Oly, and if your experiment goes well, then I say Go For It! (Disclaimer: I think all y’all are crazy, but inspiring. Maybe, if my shoulder heals and I ever learn to swim, I’ll join you one of these years…)

  12. Larissa says:

    Your test run sounds brilliant. You’ll know what you want – and don’t let fear of not being able to finish influence your decision. Fear, in my experience, nearly always steers the wrong way (I’m talking about psychologically based fear here, not “Oh my god, that’s a rattlesnake. I think I should avoid it!”)

  13. bex says:

    What I really like about you is your passion for running and tris! Go for it, woman, all of it! But what is SOMA?

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