It’s Not Like She Was a Head of State

My heart goes out to the family of Anna Nicole Smith who just lost her son Daniel and now her.

That’ having been said – enough with the non-stop coverage! She wasn’t that big of a deal. My paper this morning said “To many women her age, it’s like losing a girlfriend”. I doubt it.

Enough – really. The only thing I want to know is if that evil product she was promoting (TrimSpa) is what killed her. At least then the FDA could take it off the market so it doesn’t kill any more young women. Is it any surpise that the entire site is a tribute to ANS right now? blech.


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7 Responses to It’s Not Like She Was a Head of State

  1. I agree! Last night the news was on at the gym and I thought there was some serious world crisis going on, by the tone and look of the anchors, but it turns out that some D-list celebrity died (which I do feel badly for her family). These are the same anchors who will say in one breath “15 US soldiers died in an explosion today in Baghdad. Now onto the weather.”

  2. momo says:

    i feel bad for her new little girl. dead mom, dead brother and no idea who her daddy is. now that is messed up.

  3. bold says:

    she wasn’t?

    i thought she was first lady?

    so, much to learn about you americans!

  4. Juls says:

    I agree. It is sad, but as Danielle in Iowa states there is hardly any coverage on the other tragedies that continue to go on. I don’t know much about ANS, but she seemed to be another beautiful women who was trying hard to be something that she wasn’t. The coverage should focus on that – teaching the youngsters out there to like themselves and not sell out for anything less (disguised as more).

  5. Mother Chaos says:

    Thank. You.

    I feel sorry for her. And I was rather startled by the news. And all that. But for heaven’s sake! Enough!!

  6. Flatman says:

    Funny you mentioned the trim-spa angle. I jokingly asked my wife last night if she thought that was what killed her…

  7. jeanne says:

    don’t EVEN get me started. You think it was bad where you were, imagine how bad it was in miami, the scene of the crime!

    I watched BBC News in the morning and it was all about the palestinian-israeli conflict. unfortunately, that program ended and on came good morning idiots, and it was ANS–nonstop.

    It even merited one sentence on the front page of the WSJ!!!!!

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