That’s One Way to Up Your Base – update

I haven’t been doing much running lately. My monthly average miles run from Nov 1 to today was about 11. That’s right – 11 miles per month.

Today I ran a 1/2 Marathon. I had thought about pussing out and running the 5K but the turn off for the 5K must have been right at the beginning and I was on the wrong side of the start so that didn’t happen and I’m really glad it didn’t. I was thinking I would really rock the 5K and PR but when that ship sailed I started focusing on the 1/2 mary.

I totally rocked it, people! According to my Garmin (and my official time will undoubtedly be a couple minutes slower because I was way back from the start) was 2:20. That’s a 22 minute PR over my last official 1/2 (which I ran untrained and sick and which was super hilly) and 8 minutes faster than my 1/2 time at the SF Marathon.
Here are my splits:

My official time is 2:23:35. Bah! Such is the pain of running a race that doesn’t use timing chips. I know it took me 2:21 to get to the start and I assume that extra minute and a half is from sauntering through the loooong chute waiting to turn in the tear off from my bib.

I’m keeping the 2:20, though. Forerunners may lie about distances but they do know how to tell time.

I lost it at the end. The final 300 yards involve running up hill and my legs were just shot. I couldn’t seem to muster the strength to go faster until I crested the hill and could head down the hill into the chutes.

The great part about this race is that I didn’t let my head tell my “I can’t do this”. My usual MO is to look at my Garmin and think “I’m going too fast – I need to slow down” or “My legs are so tired – I never run this fast – I need to walk”. Instead I kept thinking “hey – I’m moving at a great clip – I just need to keep this up” and I did. I decided that any pace between 11 and 10 mins/mile was fine and I just went with that and it paid off. My average pace time was 10:34.

What this event really taught me was that I’m not even close to giving it my all – I have a whole lot of something else in there and I just need to tap in to it. With a fierce new bike on the way that’s a good thing. So excited.

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13 Responses to That’s One Way to Up Your Base – update

  1. bolder says:

    yawn, i ran a marathon.

    you, athlete, you!

  2. Juls says:

    Congratulations. Sorry that I missed you.

  3. fe-lady says:

    my god woman- congrats!!!
    that’s amazing that you could run a 2:20 on 11 miles a week!!!
    think of what you could do if you trained !!! wow!

  4. Dori says:

    Wow! Congratulations on a great race. So the secret to a 22 minute PR is to run 11 miles a month? You must be in fabulous shape.

  5. Juls says:

    I found the race results at

    I had the multiple race shoot approach to race results because my posted results are NOT what I was seeing when I ran across. Hurry for garmin and motionbased to tell it how it is.

  6. Lan says:

    Hey! I ran untrained yesterday too! Luckily the race was slightly downhill most of the way…and we finished within minutes of each other. Congrats!

  7. trimama says:

    Nice race! 13 miles is a tough race any day-but doing it largerly untrained-awesome!

  8. TxSkatemom says:

    congrats! that’s a great run — and VERY close to my usual times — if we were anywhere near each other, we could run together!

    And this:
    “Forerunners may lie about distances but they do know how to tell time.”
    made me laugh — that’s all too true! But my Forerunner lies less than my Nano does!

  9. Lisa says:

    Excellent race!! You rock, sistah. 🙂

  10. Sweet! I know what you mean – my forerunner totally lost the pace in Woodside. Doesn’t matter, time is still time.

    I’m jealous you did the half. Slobber slobber. The trail run was what I needed, but I woulda LOVED to do the half. Good job!

  11. WADDLER26.2 says:

    I love the printout of your workout—I am so jealous. My friend just got her garmin!

  12. fe-lady says:

    We are driving to Long Beach with bikes in the back of pick-up- seeing a friend for dinner and then putting the bikes (extra fee!) on the Ferry the next a.m. You have to purchase a permit to ride the island too I hear…but I don’t mind as it keeps the riff-raff out of beautiful places!

  13. jeanne says:

    holy crap! you’re amazing! I’m sorry i didn’t see this earlier! I can’t believe those 9 min miles!!!! soon, that’s all you’ll be running. and on NO TRAINING?!?! you MUST be in amazing shape.


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