The New Weapon in my Tri Arsenal

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Oh yeah – my new (to me) Pinarello Galelio with Ultegra 9 and Campy Proton wheels. Uh huh….

A friend of a neighbor bought it for his wife who rode it about 3 times and decided she didn’t like road biking and wanted a mountain bike. It didn’t even have water bottle cages on it when I bought it. I picked some up and he put them on for me when I picked up the bike.

I had solicited advice and input from coach Bold and from Flatman who Bold claims is the King of second-hand value. So I sent him an email. They both wanted pictures but I had already spent a long time looking at the bike and test driving it and felt odd about asking to go get pics. I told them it was very clean and they said that if it was very clean it was probably a good deal at $1500.

Clean? You be the judge (click for larger view)

I think that counts as clean.

Of course the weather sucks today and I have a long run scheduled but tomorrow I will test drive this baby by riding up a long, long hill. The ride we are taking is described like this

Wildcat Canyon is a varied, woodied climb, with pitches up to about 9%, and a lot of longer, slight grades.

Or like this:
Distance: 2.5 miles
Climbing: 620′ — 420′ to 1,040′ 7%
A very popular road for climbing. The first mile is steep. After passing El Toyonal Road it eases up until reaching Inspiration Point. The descent isn’t much fun because of the tight turns, reverse grades and slick pavement

I’m not too crazy about the descent part but I think we come back a different way. For the most part, new bike and I say Bring.It.On!

Since I started writing this post it has begun to rain – and I didn’t go for my run yet. I suck. Wildflower is going to suck for me if I don’g get it together soon. My first long ride on my new bike might be in the trainer. OH THE INJUSTICE!!!

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7 Responses to The New Weapon in my Tri Arsenal

  1. nancytoby says:

    Looks very pretty!! (That up-tilted seat would hurt me, though!)

  2. Laurie says:

    How exciting! New toys are so much fun. I hope the weather cooperates for your ride tomorrow. I have faith that you will be ready for Wildflower.

  3. Firefly's Running</ says:

    Very pretty!!

  4. Firefly's Running</ says:

    Very pretty!!

  5. First Comment on my new blog – woo hoo!
    Too bad I didn’t get to go for that ride.

  6. jeff says:

    got some beta about the wildflower course from some friends that have done it before. sounds like there are some tough hills out there. better get started!

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