Uh oh – we’re in double digits!

I just looked at my Countdown to WildFlower counter and it has hit 99 days. That’s just a little over 3 months. Yikes! Time to get serious about training!!!!

I have 4 weekends between now and then where I won’t be able to go on a long, hard, hill climbing bike ride like I need to. I have 2 shopping weekend, one in San Diego for the Maiden of Honor and one in Chicago for the Bride, and I have the weekend before the wedding when friends and family will start rolling in to town and one the weekend of the wedding when I will be partying like a mad dog!(see item #6)

That means I have exactly 10 weekends to pump {clap…… point……} me up.

I hope it’s enough.

To my shopping partners please note – Mama will need to go for a long run or workout in the hotel gym on Saturday morning and maybe Sunday. I hope you can join me.

What’s really exciting is that I’m about to add a new weapon to my training arsenal (in addition to actually training, that is). Stay tuned…..

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3 Responses to Uh oh – we’re in double digits!

  1. L*I*S*A says:

    Oooo, what’s the secret weapon??!

  2. Laurie says:

    I love the pump {clap…… point……} me up line! Too cute.

  3. WADDLER26.2 says:

    You’ll do fine!!! It does sound like some good shopping week-ends ahead.

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