Hump Day Miscellany – It’s a New Year

Yes it is. I still have that shiney bright and new feeling – how about you?

1). Open Letter to Blogger Beta –
YES! I really, really mean it. I honestly do want to show the secure and non-secure items on the page. EVERY TIME! Please stop asking me that question!

2). Why can’t I do a crappy job and walk away with millions like the Home Depot guy? This Nardelli guy got Home Depot an SEC investigation for options violations and allowed the price per share to drop 15% and he walks away $119.5 million dollars richer with a severance package of an additional $210 million dollars. Absurd.

3). So what? I got my swim on this morning and I’m feeling good. I’m almost ready to fix my nutrtion intake from 8 billion calories in chocolate and fat to lots of wholesome grains and fruits and vegetables. I can really feel it coming on!

4). I should be receiving my copy of Gale Bernhardt’s Training Plans for Multisport Athletes soon and when I do I will put together a training plan.

Hear those trumpets? It’s the sound of the start of training season. Train Hard! Train Smart!

5). Here is my swim year in review – it’s my favorite review story. I have to add the disclaimer that the times are not quite accurate as they depend on the workout and who I’m swimming with which determines how much socializing we do between sets. The trend is awesome, though! As you can see, just putting in the distance improves the times. I’m all about improving my times this year and I’m very excited about that.

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12 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – It’s a New Year

  1. Mojo says:

    Bold has influenced you, hasn’t he? He brain washed you into doing charts and graphs now. I’m going to have to wear my thinking cap when I come and visit you.The dreams about Britney I can understand.. :)Great swim progress, 21st. Can wait to see you improve even more in 2007!

  2. Laurie says:

    I love Mojo’s comment. Any influence from Bold is not a bad thing. Your charts are much easier to understand than Bolder’s. That is a good thing.Congrats on the increased swimming. I can’t wait to hear about your training plan for 2007.

  3. Bolder says:

    Mmmmmm, charts.And, I’m with you on Blogger Beta, my kingdom to anyone who can tell us how to get rid of those messages!

  4. Mother of Chaos says:

    Man, the messages ARE super-annoying. My other favorite is when it tells me I have to log in with Blogger – no wait! You upgraded! Use your Google…no wait! This blog doesn’t know from Google…at which I point I say, calmly, “I haven’t got anything all THAT meaningful to say” and move on.Dude. Don’t start me on Mr. Home Depot. Walking with millions? I’d rather see him walk the plank, the…well. Let’s not ruin the ‘G’ rating on the comment, shall we?I’m loving your chart! Way to go – that’s an awesome trend.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I don’t think there is anything *you* can do to fix the messages. Possibly playing with your security settings in the browser, but do you want to have the settings on “low” or “non-existent”?The messages are actually kicked out by your browser, not the web site itself. However, Blogger Beta *can* fix it by simply making sure that any images on a secure page are also served from a secure server. Of course, that sounds a lot easier than it actually is probably.

  6. Juls says:

    nice graph.

  7. Bex says:

    I’m with you on improving times. Sounds like you’re doing great so far!

  8. Black Knight says:

    Now I know what that noise is: the trumpets!

  9. massoman says:

    i left blogger and went to word press on advice of runner susan. its great.that home depot guy makes me ill. nice work if you can get it.

  10. Just12Finish says:

    (2) Because life’s not fair and I still can’t run fast enough for Boston.

  11. Fe-lady says:

    Great base ti build on for Sharkfest! 6 months away! Can’t wait!!!!

  12. Running Rabbit says:

    “Distance improves times” Please dear God tell me that works for running as well?!?!

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