It’s My Birthday and I Didn’t Toss My Cookies!

I did toss my swim but not my cookies. Those I ate. We still have about a pound of cookie dough in the fridge so I may eat more in the near future before I finally get back on track and start training. I can hardly wait. “Why wait at all?”, you ask. Well… Because it’s my birthday and then it’s New Year’s Eve and then, like millions of other people, I will get back in the saddle and ride, swim, run and lift toward self improvement.

My day started out with Pookie bringing me a latte and a scone from Peets (total caloric content = 11tybillion calories in fat and sugar). Now I have to do some work (boo!) but later today I will go get a pedicure with both of my daughters. This evening is Humbly Anne’s bridal shower which is being thrown by her Aunt who was my traveling partner to Peru and who shares my birthday.

The word of the day is CELEBRATE!

Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. As I careen into 2007 I am very grateful for my blogging friends who run, race triathlons and/or just share themselves with the world at large and entertain us with their writing. I have met Jeanne and Juls in person and I look forward to meeting a whole host of folks at WildFlower in May including but not limited to FeLady, coach Bold, Tri-Mama, TriBoomer, Stronger, GreyHound and Wil and then racing again with FeLady in June at Sharkfest. I look forward to enjoying everyone’s stories and benefiting from the camaraderie and support we all give and get through the year.

Happy New Year to All!

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