Hump Day Miscellany – Holiday version

Of course I am a day late because it’s a holiday week and I’m chillin’. Actually, that is not true – I only had Monday off.

1). Christmas was awesome! I had all of my kids and my soon-t0-be Son in Law and my son’s girlfriend here. We had breakfast with their Dad and his parents and then we made some food and waited for friends to show up and some did. A lovely day was had by all

2). I’m hoping I can finish up the cookies today because eating them is putting me in a sugar and fat induced state of mental slug-a-tude. Toss them out? Heresy!

3). I really need to start getting run and my bike on. I’ve been good about swimming but the rest? Not so much.

4). In anticipation of training season I have purchased a copy of Training Plans for Multisport Athletes by Gale Bernhardt. I’m thinking of taking on a half IM plan just to make sure I can finish Wildflower (Oly). Any feedback on that idea?

5). That thing about the 4 major food groups being chocolate, fat, sugar and wine? It’s a lie. Don’t you believe it!

6). Tomorrow I will use the strike out tag yet again as I advance from 51 to 52. At least something is on schedule.

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8 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Holiday version

  1. Susan says:

    Whatever you do . . . DO NOT TOSS THE COOKIES.Here’s to a great 2007!

  2. WADDLER26.2 says:

    That’s a great book to follow. And I agree do not toss the cookies.

  3. jeanne says:

    Congratulations!!!! Happy birthday! I say toss the cookies…to your friends!

  4. Laurie says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. David says:

    Cookies are your friend. Friends share. Share the cookies.Happy birthday. Tell me how you affect the strikeout tag. Much curious.

  6. Juls says:

    Have a great Birthday!

  7. YaYa says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  8. momo says:

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday 21cm, happy birthday to you!

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