Hump Day Miscellany – Questions in Search of Answers

1). Cycling Training DVDs – Do I need these or can I just kick my own butt to do drills? Do any of you use them? If so what ones?

2). Training plans – any recommendations? There are a lot of them out there from Beginner Triathete and Tri-Newbies on line and other places.

3). Getting a coach – yes or no? There are real time coaches a plenty in this area as well as a lot of on-line coaching options. Are they that useful? Couldn’t have done it without them?

4). Sports nutrition – does anyone have a book to recommend? I’m a vegetarian and I really need to pump up the amount of protein in my diet. I also almost always get leg cramps at the end of a swim workout so I think I need some help with my electrolyte consumption. If you know of a particularly helpful source of good information please let me know.

5). Ho Ho Ho! (or is that ha ha ha??!!)

I might just have to buy one of those photos!

New wish list!
I want one of these

to do my lap counting for me. I haven’t started doing long, endurance sets because I just do the masters set but I have a hard time counting a 200 (was that 150 or is this the last one???!! I DON’T KNOW!) I am learning to focus and chant (50,50,50…..100,100,100…..150,150,150….) but I’m pretty sure I’d go nuts before I got to 3000,3000,3000….. I need one of those gadets.

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9 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Questions in Search of Answers

  1. Jenny says:

    Holy crap, woman.You’re my hero. I can hardly get up out of bed in the morning.

  2. nancytoby says:

    Leg cramps – my first guess would be calcium and magnesium. Rolaids is a good cheap source. Try 2-3 of those for a week and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, a good generic multi-vitamin/multimineral wouldn’t be a bad idea, too. I like that lap counter! But I just use my watch, though it slows me down a little. Don’t use any of that other stuff you mentioned. :-)Good luck!!

  3. Firefly's Running</ says:

    You look great in the pic. Way to go!

  4. Firefly's Running</ says:

    You look great in the pic. Way to go!

  5. jbmmommy says:

    Great picture and that lap counter looks cool.Sorry I have no constructive feedback on the rest of the stuff. I’ll be checking back to read the comments you get, though.

  6. momo says:

    ok, i’ll bite…1. i have a number of spinervals that i use when i have to train indoors. they’re very good and they have really helped to improve my overall ability on the bike. 2. i have a friend that does mark allen online. he likes it, but it is not free.3. i have a coach because i don’t like to have to think about the schedule. i have so much else going on each day, i just want someone to tell me when to ride. i have friends that like to be in control of their schedules and it works fine for them without a coach. (mine is online). its really about personal preference.4. there are a lot of references on the web, but if you’re a vegetarian and worried about consuming enough protein, it might be worth one or two visits to a nutritionist. i saw one who was a triathlete and it helped tremendously!5. great pic!

  7. Just12Finish says:

    A girl in my pace group at White Rock had santa shorts on with Ho Ho Ho across her behind. Amazing how that takes your mind off running …

  8. jeanne says:

    i can’t count laps in the pool or at the track.i got nothin’ for ya. although if you can afford a coach, why not? I’d go for it!

  9. Lisa says:

    i like spinervals – keeps my attention with the bike on the trainer and gives a good workout.

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