Don’t You Believe It

“They” say (and you know who they are are) that your pace drops by a minute per mile every year you age after some time (I can’t always remember everything they say). Well don’t you believe it. (Actually I don’t believe it either because a minute a mile per year would mean that if you run a 10 minute mile at 40 you will be running a 20 minute mile at 50 and that’s not right). Oh well – “they” say you slow with age but I love proving “them” wrong.

In 1997 I ran the ‘Run to the Far Side” 5K in 38:23 at a pace of 12:21 per mile. That was 9 years ago. Today I ran the Bah Humbug 5K in (according to the clock over the finish line and my Garmin) drumroll please……


That would be a 9 minute improvement. And lest a certain someone from Boulder Colorado think I haven’t grasped the magnitude and importance of this event –
that would be a

proving yet again that I am not getting older – I’m getting better.

* I’m not sure what my official time will be becaue it was one of those races where you end up in a chute full of people waiting and waiting to hand them your slip. We’ll see.

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