On the Road Again

I had to go to Southern California on Wednesday AM early and I just got back tonight so I missed some great workouts in the pool. If I don’t get to bed soon I’ll miss another one tomorrow (3 x 500 descending), too but I wanted to post about my chronically bizarre hotel room behavior.

It isn’t as good as you might think from that description but I find it sort of amusing. I have a TV in my bedroom at home. I almost never watch it. In fact, the only time I do is when we have some sort of family ‘must watch this show’ conflict and I choose to watch upstairs instead of in the family room.

When I get in a hotel room, however, I act like some backwater hillbilly that ain’t never seen one a them ee-lectronic pitcher screens before – gollleee! Just about the second I get back to my room after a day of work I get horizontal on the bed, pick up the remote control and start surfing. I don’t engage in my customary (if not compulsive) habit of reading in bed before I go to sleep – I just watch TV. I’m not afflicted with CNN disease the way I used to be but I still have a wicked case of Daisy-Duke-itis. So weird. Must be all of those fluffy pillows they put on the bed or something.

I had a most antagonistic morning at the Marriott Ontario today. First of all when I went to sleep I screwed up the 2 alarm clock and it went off a midnight sending me straight up to the ceiling where I quickly latched onto the fire sprinkler until I figure out what the hell was going on. Then at about 3:00AM the fan went off accompanied by a high pitched buzzing noise. I finally got up at about 5:00, pulled on my workout clothes and when I glanced at myself in the mirror discovered that my eyes looked like this:


I went down anyhow, ran a couple of miles on the treadmill at speed (9:40 for the first mile and 10:00 for the second) and then stopped because I have a 5K Saturday and I didn’t want to burn out my legs.

Back I trudged to my room where I pulled of my sweaty, nasty clothes then turned on the hot water in the tub to get ready for a shower. No hot water. hmmm… tried the sink – no hot water. hmmmm… called “0” and it rang and rang and rang and I knew what they would tell me – no hot water. Terrific. I really needed to get to the office. I waited about 1/2 an hour and Yay! hot water. Showered, washed my hair, went to blow it dry and – no brush. I forgot my brush. Terrific.

Used my fingers and did the best job I could, packed up, headed for the office armed with directions from my boss. I got very close to where the office was but didn’t see an exit sign with the name he gave. I kept going. The area got more and more sparse. I finally realized that there were lots of cars heading the other way (all backed up) and I was almost in Laguna Beach which is not the right place. Terrific.

Turned around and finally got to the office at about 9:30. Terrific.

On the plus side the plane left on time and I’m home and get to climb into my own bed where I will be not the least bit tempted to use the remote control.

=== Morning Update ===

1). When I looked in the mirror last night I discovered I had lost an earring. Not one I love that much but still… bummer
2). I didn’t go swimming.

It’s okay. Life goes on.

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3 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Vickie says:

    Too funny. Your morning sounded as bad as mine.

  2. Bex says:

    You were in Ontario? My mom’s house is in the San Antonio Heights area of Upland – just down the road!

  3. jeanne says:

    i love days like that. and i’m totally the same way with tv’s in hotel rooms. or on the plane. it’s just plain fun!

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