It’s Hump Day Again!

Boy that was fast.

1). My arms are killing me! This rapid increase in swimming time has me oh so sore but it’s a good thing I’m doing it because:

2). Sharkfest! Our intrepid friend and 90+ something triathlon finisher Fe-Lady somehow got me to sign up for Sharkfest! What that means is that next June 10 I will ride a ferry out to Alcatraz Island, pull on a wet suit, jump into the 58 degree, murky waters of the San Francisco Bay and swim back to Bakers Beach. Have I ever told you the one about how I am terrified of fish? This should be interesting. I’d say I did it so I could meet Fe-Lady but I live here so I could have done that, anyhow. If I drown or get eaten by a shark you know who to blame 🙂

3). 5K – I need to run a 5K to get a current 5K time. The only one I ever I ran was in 1997 and it took me 38:23. I could beat that time tomorrow by quite a bit. Imagine what I can do with a little speed work training. I love getting better instead of older.

4). Lance! I’d like to thank Lance Armstrong for saying that running the NY Marathon was the hardest thing he had ever done as an athlete. When asked if he would do it again he quipped “Now’s not the time to ask that question. The answer now is no, I’ll never be back. But I reserve the right to change my mind,” he said. “I don’t know how these guys do it.”

Anyone taking bets on how long it will take him to get over the pain of NY and decide to actually train properly and run another one? His original goal was 2:30. I give him 2 months, max. Or maybe he’ll decide to do an IM. That is also a possibility and one I rather like.

5). A thank you to the BlogFather of the RBF and now CRN – Mark. Mark did a post on his training in which he said he would do his long runs at 70% of his max heart rate and short runs at 80%. I wrote him and said that was daft – too hard! He wrote back and explained that it was actually taking it easy. I looked at my own history with the HRM and realized that according to the (inaccurate) age – 220 rule my max is about 169. I usually run at about 150. That would be a little over 90% effort. No wonder I get burned out early and can’t negative split. I’m going to try actually slowing down to speed up. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

6). Wedding Plans – Humbly Ann and I are working on floor plans for the wedding. She submitted this one with a little note:

“The fourth one is you and me at the end of the party on the ground because we are tired and drunk. It’s a little blurry – but we will be too.”

If you need any child rearing advice you know who to call.

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