Shouts outs for MCM ’06 Participants


Steve Walker

And to Susie for showing up to support them.

I know the weather prediction isn’t great but I also know you have all trained in the rain so may the rain keep you cool (but not too cool) and may you have a fabulous race! Don’t forget your Surgical Booties to keep your feet warm.

And if you can’t find those, try these

We’ll be cheering for you! And that goes for anyone who is running but who is not on the list. Drop me a line and I will add you.

If you’re not on the list please drop by the blogs of those who are and leave them some words of encouragment if you haven’t already done so.

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5 Responses to Shouts outs for MCM ’06 Participants

  1. susie says:

    Oh gosh…I shouldn’t be on the list. My job is easy: Yell GO< GO: GO!

  2. Firefly's Running says:

    I ditto to you!

  3. Firefly's Running says:

    I ditto to you!

  4. Just12Finish says:

    Thanks for the shout out!Loved your story on Peru.Congrats on the family event coming up!

  5. jeanne says:

    Thanks! that was awesome! (and it IS hoo ah!)

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