Hump Day Miscellany – 8 Training is Hard

I was so excited about my PR last week that I forgot it was hump day. Sorry!

Training is Hard

I wish I were talking about the kind of training that makes you quiver with exhaustion and monoamine overload but alas that’s not it. This week is training week at work and I have just spent 3 days glued to a chair listening, listening, listening with just a little bit of talking. I can feel my butt growing like a dry sponge in water as my brains turn to mush. It’s exhausting.

I was supposed to go for a run with The Amazing Hip and SHSMH last night but I got held up in training and then brow beat into going out for dinner with “they boys” for a little more bonding time. I was very sad about that – in fact I still am. One of these days I’m going to meet those 2 – I really am.

Training is Good

Some of you may remember that waaay back last April I was crushed to learn that the Nike Women’s Half Marathon was sold out. I really wanted to run it so I could get the bling. Instead of giving out big old finisher medals they give you a silver necklace from Tiffany. I seriously considered running the whole thing but realized that I just would NOT want to do that and so I let it go.

Well, yesterday due to a fortunate triangulation with Juls a.k.a Sydney Bristow of Keeping Pace (a woman with a masterful ability to secure secret codes) I was able to get to the registration page for the Half. I’M GOING FOR THE BLING! Of course I’m a little under trained but I’m going to Peru in a week where being at 14,000 will be like getting a shot of EPO. I am so ON. I’m going to run 8 or 10 miles this weekend and then I’ll just do what I do in the race. And then I’ll get the necklace – oh yeah. Why just go out and buy one when you can spend $80 in entrance fees and run 13.1 miles?

The Internet is Fun!
Look at this thing I found via Wil’s blog.

The Internet Is Annoying
Sometimes when I look at my own blog I get a full page pop-up for something (can’t remember what). Sometimes when I look at Wil’s blog I get a popup telling me I have weatherbug on my machine (which I don’t). Where does this blog poop come from? Do you ever get that popup on my site>

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8 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – 8 Training is Hard

  1. jeanne says:

    no popping up goin’ on over here…of course, i’m a FIREFOX afficionado (I should look up how to spell that, too lazy)… congrats on getting into the half! I’m so into half-marathons now! they are brilliant! Why didn’t anyone TELL ME how brilliant they are?? Sucks sitting in training. nothing worse.

  2. susie says:

    Hehe…funny video. No pop ups for me either…Have fun on the half. Yeah, FUN!

  3. crazy tri mama says:

    Wow your little “thing” was cool. I want one! No pop-ups for me either as I view your blog.Congrats on the bling 1/2. Yea, I agree might as well pay to run and get some cool stuff along with the blisters and the rashes! The finisher medal at Disney is keeping me motivated to train. Your necklace would be a huge motivater too!

  4. Stefano says:

    Yeahhhhh you are mighty!!!!

  5. Dori says:

    Oh, I am so jealous that you got into the Nike Women’s half. I want the bling too and didn’t realize that you can get the Tiffany necklace for running the half. I wanted to run the Disneyland inaugural half-M, but procrastinated on registration and then it filled up so fast.But enough about me. Congrats for getting into the race and good luck. You’ll do great. You’ll have to post a picture of your necklace. 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    Now, that’s my kind of prize at the end of a race! I’d love to do a race with bling. 🙂

  7. Mojo says:

    Hahahaha! Maybe that’s what I need to keep my training fresh. A race that gives out bling for finishing?You must post a picture of this special necklace once you get it. Someone was telling me about some marathon with beer aid stations. Now that sounds fun! Drunk when crossing the line, who could ask for more?

  8. Mojo says:

    Oh yeah? Are you trying to give me a complex? I am seeing some bikini clad hotties under your blog header.I told ya, I won’t get breast implants! 🙂 Tee-hee heeIt’s probably something you are linked to. I have gotten pop ups with music videos sometimes.

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