Crazy Mixed Up Mini-Tri

When last I wrote I was lamenting the solid zeros in the Month-to-Date tally. Well I fixed that today. I ran, I swam and then I biked. Circumstances beyond my control forced the order but it was fine with me. We had masters workout at 8:30 AM and I figured if I waited for that I would be out riding or running in the heat and the heat just does me in so I got up early and hit the road.
I ran 4+ miles at an average pace of 10:32. For once I managed to slow myself down at the start and it really paid off. My laps were pretty consistent and I felt good the whole way. Why or why has it taken me so long to get that message??!

T1 was about 40 minutes what with the hydrating and the eating and the shower and the changing and the putting the bike in the car and the driving to the pool and the putting on the cap and the goggles. It all took time but it was okay. Fast transitions weren’t part of the program.

The workout was pretty tough and I had to wear fins because every lane had at least 5 people in it and I just had to keep up. I only managed to get my heart up to 155 but I was in zone (120 – 170) 35 of the 45 minutes I was in the water and we did have to stop once in a while to hear what to do. When I got out of the water I felt great!

Off to the locker room for shower #2 and a change into biking clothes which includes this awesome shirt I got when I rode my last metric century. In fact, the shirt is at least a small part of the reason I did the ride. At the bottom it says “Like a Fine Wine, It Gets Better With Age”. The front has the same design. T2 was probably about 30 minutes.

I rode 19 1/2 miles on the multi-use trail which in parts is heavily used by families and strollers. My speed was not what I was looking for – not even close. My max speed was 19 mph which was good but my overall speed was only 12.5 mph which is way slow. I’m sure it is due in part to having to slow down for people and for numerous crossings but still – I’m not thrilled with my time.

I was, however thrilled that I got out and did that little brick. When I got home it was sunny and warm and beautiful and I felt sunny and warm and hopeful. I have a sprint distance Tri on Sept 17. This will be my 2nd time doing this event. The first time was in 2000 (stop me if you’ve heard this one!) and it took me 2.5 hours. I was almost the last one in. I was horribly under trained and on a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. But here’s the thing. IF I DON’T DO SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER THIS TIME I WILL FLIP OUT! Really. I need to do better.

So here are 2 biking questions for you people.

1). What single thing is the most important to help me improve my biking speed over the next 2 weeks? Cadence? Speed? Time in the saddle? Hills? What would you do? The course on this Tri is pretty flat – very flat compared to most of the terrain I bike.

2). Shimano 105. Good enough or just no good? If you have an opinion please let me know. There is a bike I’m interested in and the top of the line model has Shimano Dura-Ace components and sells for $4400. The bottom of the line has the same frame with Shimano 105 components and sells for less than half of that. I can see that the price differential is reflected in the cost of those parts but the question is, for a non-pro is 105 adequate or are they really inferior?

Tomorrow is back to work but then we get to hump day just 24 hours later. Ahhhhh…… I will use Hump Day Miscellany to tell you about my trip to San Diego although I’d like to wait until the photos come back. I do have photographs of the world’s most expensive, and possibly tastiest, pancakes.

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8 Responses to Crazy Mixed Up Mini-Tri

  1. Running Bl says:

    Very cool shirt from the metric century. 🙂 Very nice mini-tri too. 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    Hill intervals on the bike.

  3. WADDLER26.2 says:

    The shirt is awesome. I would do it just to get one of those. That tri sounds like it was fun. Good luck on the bike shopping. I know you’ll get some great advice for the bike. Keep us updated.

  4. Stillwater Heron says:

    Well done!Now i don’t know nadda about the bike but I am only a month old on my new wheels and I would say speed comes with time in the saddle.Get comfortable shifting yours gears as much and as often as you need to to stay in a cadence range of 80-100.Spin don’t be a masher.Relax and breath like you do when you swim, steady and evenly.Shimano 105 is perfectly fine for folks like us. That said, my bike came with Ultegra and shifts like a dream if I do it right :)Buy the bike that makes you smile when you ride it, you’ll ride more be happier doing it!!

  5. nancytoby says:

    Cool shirt!My Felt tri-bike came with all Dura-Ace components and was about $1800 total, ready to roll. Check them out!I’d say some tough intervals on the bike 2 or 3 times within a week, and then a good rest week before your target event. But YMMV! And there’s no point in freaking out about performances, ever!!! Just use it as information for your training for the next one!

  6. jeanne says:

    um, yeah, what they said. did i read correctly that you are going to buy a $4,400 bike??? Good thing you are keeping the car!Good job on the labor day brick!

  7. David says:

    Ditto what Jeanne said. You are far more advanced than I am at things I know nothing about. I thiought bricks were for throwing through crappy neighbor’s windows.

  8. Bolder says:

    1) pedal stroke! then cadence — 90 is ideal. you’ve only got two weeks — TdF?2) i rode 105, or less, my entire life until this year.

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