Hump Day Miscellany – No. 5 – a day early ’cause I need some attention!

Thank You Stevie Nicks

When I look at my blog traffic and see how people got directed here I find quite a few entries that originate with a photo of Stevie Nicks I used for an old post about how only beautiful women can make it in the rock ‘n roll business. The link actually takes you to the full page for that post. I decided to Google Stevie Nicks and then look at the images page and see what came up. The 6th picture on that page shows a location of but if you click it you get linked to my blog. Weird but good because otherwise I’d have very little traffic, particularly after my little rant the other day about the military hiring dancing girls who can’t spell and then following up with the Big Bummer post about how sad I am to have my kids leaving the nest.

WHERE IS THE LOVE, PEOPLE!!?? Geez. If don’t have some comment love in my gmail box tomorrow morning I might go out for a run to jump in front of a train.

Two Truths and a Lie
TriGreyhound (who at least loves me for my intellect) is perpetuating a little game Trisaratops started with her class, in which you tell 3 things about yourself. 2 are true and one is a lie. Your job, people, is to guess which one is the lie. You then play this game on your blog.

Here are my fun facts (one of which isn’t quite true):
1). When I was in Amsterdam in 1974 I got arrested for distributing political leaflets.
2). When I got out of high school I worked in a plastic bag factory on the midnight shift.
3). I was working on getting a PhD in physiology but got sidetracked when I hooked up with my now ex-husband and turned into a party girl, instead.

Please post your guesses in a comment. I’d like to promise some schwag like Trigreyhound but I’m not sure I actually have any. I could, however, make you a mix CD.

Car Update
The clear favorite in the blogosphere is the Subaru wagon with the bike rack. I think it’s the bike rack that did it but a lot of people really like those cars so maybe not. Here’s the thing, though. I like my old car. It gets more than 20 but less than 30 mpg depending on the kind of driving I’m doing so that’s not great but it often sits in the driveway all day as I sit in my jammies working. In other words, I don’t really drive it very far. Second of all it has real bumpers – the kind that actually do some good in a slow crash. I’ve been rear ended about 4 times and whereas the other car sometimes folds in half, my car suffers not a bit. Third of all it has a turning radius like no other.

I think I’m just going to hang on to it until it totally falls apart which might not be for a few ears. It’s an ugly old Mom-mobile but I can fit my bike in the back and that’s good enough for me.

The Cell Phone Industry is Evil.

My son’s phone just died. We got these phones as AT&T customers. Cingular bought AT&T and they are telling us that we can’t replace the phone without changing our plan. They don’t ‘have that plan’ any more and they don’t sell those phones. Clearly the phones we have work with the infrastructure they have and we all know that you can buy an ‘unlocked’ phone that will work SO WHY DO THEY MAKE US JUMP THROUGH THESE HOOPS! Of course the answer is that they want to sell you a phone and put you on a contract. Very, very irritating. I have no interest in upgrading or changing the 3 other phones on the plan and I don’t like being strong armed so it’s off to eBay to find a phone. So HA! Take that Cingular!

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