And Yet It Was Fantastic

It is 10 AM and I am home from my ride, fully loaded with a baker’s dozen of bagels and some low fat schmear (’cause I went to Noah’s for the bagels and they like to pretend like their bagels have something to do with real, Jewish , NYC bagels. They do not).

I feel fabulous. The ride was just spectacular. My friends took me out to a place where there are no cars and no other people (because the smart ones were still in bed) – just us, our bikes and the wild turkeys of Sunol Valley. I had no idea the wild turkey population was so big. They were everywhere, stupid and oblivious, the way turkeys are. If you wanted to pick one off you could probably just saunter over and whack it on the head.

I only went for 30 miles because that seemed sufficient at this point since I haven’t ridden more than 10 at a time since May and since I just ran a marathon a week ago. I did do the big hill part of this ride. I think it went for about 3 or 4 miles up hill but I’m not sure about the grade. I’ll have to see if Lady Garmina can get a bead on that. The important thing is that I did it – every inch of it.

Did I already say I feel fabulous because I do. I’m going to take a shower, put on something comfy, toss a load of laundry in the machine and make myself a bagel and a latte and start reading the paper. And it will only be 11 AM when get there. Life is good.

Thank you Jeanne for the early AM html lesson. I’m too lazy for that, though. If Firefox can’t hack the load I refuse to pick up the slack. For now an unapologetic IE user who is very good with virus scanners and pop blockers and spyware removers and that’s just the way it is. Bold, it’s nice to know I have some company in my refusal to shun the Gods of Redmond.

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12 Responses to And Yet It Was Fantastic

  1. WADDLER26.2 says:

    What a way to start the day! I am glad it felt good- nothing better than that.

  2. Mojo says:

    Turkeys are as dumb as rocks. I used to raise them but they liked to commit suicide as babies(poults). Like drowning in a 1 inch waterer, refusing to eat, piling in corners. They are NOT the brighest crayons in the box! I sold them all year ago.Glad you had a great ride! Everytime I read your blog, I get a new craving. Yesterday, pizza and tonight I want a bagel!

  3. Amy says:

    Turkeys are dumb, but fun to look at no less. And yes, going back and catching up on your blog has made me hungry for Jello, Pizza, and bagels too!Congrats on the marathon and the fact that although you might not have made your goal, you did finish and something has to be said for that!

  4. Firefly's Running says:

    Nice bike ride. Enjoy the bagels!

  5. Firefly's Running says:

    Nice bike ride. Enjoy the bagels!

  6. Running Rabbit says:

    Look at that positive attitude!! I LOVE it!! 🙂

  7. Wes says:

    Well, hold on a minute there! My dad and I have been hunting turkeys for 20 years. We ain’t got one yet. Them turkeys are smart! Wait a minute. Them turkeys are smarter than we are 🙂 It’s the people that are stupid!

  8. Meg says:

    great blog. I look forward to reading more. Any advice for an almost beginner triathlete on what to wear for a sprint?

  9. Lisa says:

    WOW…great ride!

  10. jeanne says:

    great ride, and you should feel good! when is the new bike arriving?(BOLD: that’s NOT html code, it’s CSS! html is so…last year. c’mon!)

  11. David says:

    Sweet riding! Love that feeling.

  12. Stefano says:

    I am late, I know, but I want to congratulate for your fantastic marathon. In the picture you look in perfect shape!While you were running the B.K. was lazy on a cruise ship, what a shame!

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