Burning It Up, redux

That Bruce Springsteen song “Fire” keeps running through my head. I guess you could call this weather the kiss of death. It is 111 degrees out right now and with the exception of my morning run followed by a pedicure and foot massage this day has been a waste. It is way too hot to do anything but sit in front of a fan.

The run was good! I didn’t get out until 6:30 (late again!) but it wasn’t unbearable. After cruising downhill in the shade followed by motoring up a slight incline in the blazing sun, sweating buckets all the while, I was at the trail of many water fountains. I had carried a water bottle with me just in case and was glad I had because I pretty much emptied it before I got to fountain numero uno. The trail itself was nice and shady and I was tempted to just stay on it and run on and on but sadly I would just end up in some remote area of the state so I had to turn around when I had gone a total of 4.5 miles. When I got to the hill near my house I could hear you all saying “Taper! You’re trained!” and I thought, “Hell yes – my legs are tired and I’ve run 8.5 miles” so I walked the rest of the way. Mission accomplished and I am finally really, really on a taper. Wa-Hoo! I just have to do a couple of 20 – 30 minute slow runs this week to keep my legs from suffering atrophy. No swimming, no biking. Just rest – ahhhhhhh.

My pace, including stops was 10:57 which will get me a sub 5 hour marathon. I predict that I go just sub 5 – nothing spectacular, I’ll just make my goal and that would suit me fine.

I felt fine except for my feet hurting and I know this will be an issue in the marathon but foot pain is easy enough to ignore and easier still to treat. After some food and a shower I headed out for a pre-marathon pedicure and a foot massage. They let you pay extra for more massage time so I added an extra 5 minutes. I’m known to be a good tipper in this place so my 5 minutes was more like 15 – ahhhhhhh…… loved that. I could regale you with some lovely foot p0rn but I’ll leave the results to your imagination (just don’t be a perv about it, ‘kay?)

So that’s it – Roughly 350 training miles since the beginning of this training I’M READY! Thanks for all the support along the way! Weather.com is calling for rain next Sunday but I’m not worried. The weather could do anything between now and then. I’m hoping for typical San Francisco foggy, cool weather with a little sunshine by the time I come in at about 11. We’ll see.

Note to Steve and walking/speed walking/running group – please send an email (link available at top) and let me know how to get in touch with you – I’d love to meet up.

In other news:
Jeanne’s ipod trick is fine if you happen to plug your Shuffle into a USB port and set it up just before you leave the house. My problem is always that I am out the door before I turn it on and discover that the bookmark has been lost. To fix it you have to listen to the book through iTunes and move the slider until you find your place and then sync the iPod with your iTunes. Even at that it doesn’t always hold. So annoying. I’m going to get a nano soon – very soon.

I bought a new pair of shorts today. I know you aren’t supposed to change anything before the big day but shorts are shorts only these are black and will look stunning with my most excellent shirt that my daughter got me for Mother’s Day. I also bought some Body Glide for my feet.

I have an hellacious schedule next week. I have to be about an hour from home (or 90 mins. depending on traffic) at 7:30 AM Monday and Tuesday then fly to Irvine Tuesday night for a Wednesday meeting then back up here Wednesday night. I’ll be lucky to get any runs in at all. I’ll figure out something because nothing is going to screw this marathon up for me now. I’ve made it to the start line injury free and I’m going for it.

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14 Responses to Burning It Up, redux

  1. Firefly's Running says:

    111?! OMG..that’s really hot!! Ouch! Take it easy, girl! Nice run!

  2. Firefly's Running says:

    111?! OMG..that’s really hot!! Ouch! Take it easy, girl! Nice run!

  3. Bolder says:

    i love a good taper, what’s wrong with everybody else…overachievers.practice your game face with all your spare time.

  4. Bex says:

    Good luck in the race! You’ll do great. Oh, also, my story on running skirts came out (finally) in the most recent issue of the Washington Running Report. The magazine is online, but not all of the stories are. Like mine on the skirts. If you want a copy (you’re mentioned and quoted), send me your address and I’ll send one over.

  5. Susan says:

    That is a great shirt! Good luck on your race!

  6. WADDLER26.2 says:

    Great job! I love the shirt. I wish you the best of luck-you’re training was right on target. Enjoy the experience-it’s what you have worked so hard for!

  7. Stillwater Heron says:

    You’ve done wonderfully and your going to race wonderfully too!I’m looking foward to your race report.Enjoy your taper!

  8. Michele says:

    My favorite part of training was the taper!!! Enjoy it.Love the shirt too.Good luck at the race.

  9. Wil says:

    It’s all downhill now! Have an awesome race, you’ve earned it!

  10. jeanne says:

    What are you talking about, nothing spectacular??! A sub-5 hour marathon is pretty dang spectacular, and you are gonna do it! Well done!

  11. LeOgAhEr says:

    I Love you girls


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