Now I feel really used

So ThisNext, the new ‘we do it for you but really we just want the click-thru traffic’ blog has stolen my words without asking and they have NOT invited me to participate in their super secret beta test to which they issue invitations and then ask the participants to keep be vewy, vewy quiet and not tell anyone about this fabulous new “shopcasting” network.

So to ThisNext I mist say – if you don’t want people to find your site before it is ready for launch hide your URL from search engines. If, on the other hand, the “don’t tell” line is just a Jedi mind trick to get people talking then please, give me a break.

I can say with some authority that you folks are off to a very bad start. I’m as much of a traffic ho as the next blogger but I prefer people referring to me out loud, not behind my back and most certainly not for commercial gain.

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5 Responses to Now I feel really used

  1. Bolder says:

    surprisingly, i had expected them to steal my post on PowerAde Option…i mean, i put up a pic and everythin’…i feel like the kid in gym class that didn’t get picked.

  2. Firefly's Running says:

    OMG…how childish. I feel for you.

  3. Firefly's Running says:

    OMG…how childish. I feel for you.

  4. Iron Pol says:

    I left a note for them, too.

  5. Alyson Wilson says:

    Hello! I’m the community director for ThisNext, and wanted to let those of you who commented on this post know that I left a longer explanation of what we’re doing on 21st-Century Mom’s previous post. In short: our blog is a way for us to keep track of bloggers we dig and our “super secret closed beta” is neither secret nor closed to bloggers. The “closed” refers to press that we’re not ready to handle and the “beta” refers to the fact that we aren’t finished building the site but wanted bloggers to be able to test how it works. Anyone who wants to check it out is welcome. It would be my pleasure to give you guys all access codes… email me:, I don’t what the misunderstanding that we’re using bloggers, like 21st Century Mom, to profit, to linger. We make no money from our blog (no ads!) and we don’t even have affiliate deals on our site at this point. Also, when we posted about the 21st Century Mom blog, we linked only to that blog. So if anyone was going to benefit, it would be 21st Century Mom.We’re a small (8-person), venture-funded company in L.A. and we’re just trying to get a concept that will allow bloggers to grow their voice and their traffic off the ground.Best to you all,Alyson

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