I’ve been used!

I decided to take a look at ‘Blogs that Link Here’ and found this entry


Someone is using me to pimp Saucony’s shoes. Weird!

Anyone else ever have this experience?

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13 Responses to I’ve been used!

  1. Annette says:

    Weird! Can you get them to give you a cut? 🙂 At least you know people are reading your blog – I guess that’s a good thing?????

  2. Bob says:

    Strange, I love your comment though. Wonder if you will get a response??

  3. Running by.... says:

    That is way weird. I guess bloggin is public domain–you should ask for royalties!

  4. The Pajama Mama says:

    Yep. I find my blog linked all kinds of places. Some pretty good. Others?? Not so good!

  5. Bolder says:

    AJ just got selected too…

  6. Susan says:

    That is weird – never happened to me.

  7. Susan says:

    now i’ll have to check.

  8. jeanne says:

    AND finally running susie got pimped too!http://blog.thisnext.com/blog/take-a-shot.htmlpersonally, i’d be thrilled, but i’m a traffic whore.

  9. a.maria says:

    yeah, i just got an email from them actually, asking me to join their “closed beta shopcasting network”..whatever the hell that means?

  10. Lisa says:

    WOW..that’s eerie!

  11. Alyson Wilson says:

    Oh no! I’m the community director for ThisNext, a shopcasting network that’s still in development) and wanted to drop you a comment because I think there’s been a misunderstanding… Our blog is a way for us to figure out who’s out there blogging and who, like us, believes you can live a better life if you buy better… We don’t make a dime off our blog (No ads!). Our super-secret beta isn’t that secret… It’s just really new. We only invited a few bloggers (starting Tuesday) because our developers wanted to see how the site will handle a trickle of traffic just for the first week. We’ll invite more as soon as we can handle it. I’d love it if you wanted to check it out. Please email me and I’ll send you an invitation URL that has an access code. Those of you who have commented on “21st-Century Mom” are also welcome to check out our beta site by emailing me. We’d be delighted to have you.My email address: alyson@thisnext.comBest to you all… and happy training (I swim with the SCAC Masters in Santa Monica, so maybe some of you are in the pool with me sometimes… but I’m a rotten runner so tri’s are out of the question for me).

  12. Fe-lady says:

    That is TOO wierd! The least they could have done was ASK you if this was ok with YOU! (and given you a couple of free pairs of shoes in exchange for using your name/words!)

  13. Juls says:

    I agree. “Used” is right. I think that they should have asked permission. Who’s next? I don’t want them using me without permission.

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