Those log files

A couple of people have asked about where I get the log files that show the search results that lead people to my site so here you go.

I use 2 of these nifty utilities – Statcounter and Sitemeter

Sitemeter seems to just give statistics but Statcounter gives you a lot of other information like where people are coming from, how long they linger, how many pages they read, which search engine they use and what keyword phrases they were searching on to find you. Both are free.

As for those amazingly even splits on my 5 mile run – I think I just forced myself to stay around the 10 minute mark on the Garmin. If I looked down and was going slower I sped up and if I was going faster I just kept going. It was a sort of fluke that it averaged out so perfectly. I do, however, pay attention to my breathing and steps and try to hit a rhythm. Maybe I’m better at that than I think.

I was really sore today. I swam this morning which is good but my legs are whooped and sore. I have rolled them and stretched them and I’ve been hydrating all day and tomorrow I run 15 miles. I am not expecting them to be very fast, though. Slow and steady and all that….

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5 Responses to Those log files

  1. Stillwater Heron says:

    15 miles is awesome!Just take care of those legs when you get back home 🙂

  2. susie says:

    Breathing is the key–I agree. Have a slow, steady 15!

  3. Running Rabbit says:

    Thanks for all your help with that stat counter! You’ll be fantastic with your 15 miler tomorrow! Hopefully your weather cooperates. 🙂

  4. Stefano says:

    Have a relaxing 15 miles and a good Sunday

  5. Running by.... says:

    Thanks for the information on those logging utilities. They are neat! Good luck with your 15!

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