It was fun while it lasted

I have been such a stud lately – I have amazed myself. The Plan ended up becoming this

April 13 – 6.38 mile Run – Avg pace 10:35
April 15 – 25 mile Bike Ride, 5.42 miles run. Avg pace 10:34
April 16 – rest
April 17 – swim 2000 yds.
April 18 – Run 6 miles. Avg pace 10:13

April 19 – Swim 2600 yds. Run 3 miles Avg pace 10:13

I was so proud of myself. All that cross training and those times! I was also proud of myself for swimming and running on Wednesday because I went to an awards program and ate a couple of donut holes Tuesday night so I really kind of had to do that. But mostly I was jazzed about that pace – 10:13!!!

Alas, somewhere around last Tuesday I notice a little pain in my left calf. I chose to ignore it. It seemed like it was going away until yesterday when I ran and noticed that it was not going away – it was lingering. I did a little googling and it seems that the pain I have is often the first symptom of an over use injury. Sigh….

I scuttled today’s running plan (6 miles) in favor of rest. I will probably swim tomorrow but not run. I am supposed to go on a hilly, hard bike ride on Saturday but I’m thinking that maybe a not so hilly ride followed by a 6 mile run is better.

Hopefully the leg will settle down and I can get back out there and keep that pace thing going. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a running skirt to see if it helps because who wouldn’t want to look like this?

If you haven’t gone over to Mark’s blog to check out the running skirt program you really should.

I actually think I need a coach to help me with my biomechanics but I can’t afford that right now. If you know of a good book that helps with form please let me know!

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3 Responses to It was fun while it lasted

  1. susie says:

    I know Chi Running is rather controversial…but I found helpful information, which I still try to apply. I’m also a big believer in stretching, foam rollers, and specific exercises to increase muscles not used in running. Good luck!

  2. jeanne says:

    oh boy you’re gonna get a load of advice now!listen to susie: she knows! i say: slow down some–build your mileage now, and worry about speed later. try to run on soft surfaces, stretch your brains (legs) out…and what is all this “I was proud”??? You ARE proud!! Let us know how it goes. (Also, you probably want to consult Dr. Internet. He knows all.)

  3. 21st Century Mom says:

    I need a load of advice!And I am working on distance more than pace – the pace thing just happened! And I AM proud. I didn’t mean to say that I am less proud because I’m resting or anything. Onward!

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