Sun? What Sun?

It is 5:45 AM. In 30 minutes my friend will come pick me up to go out to our ride – a metric century. It is raining. Not sprinkling – raining. I have some nylon pants (not bike gear AT ALL) and a wind breaker and that will have to do.

On the plus side, I got the bike. It is very fancy and light weight and has been fitted to me with expert care and precision. It will make me feel like a stud. I just wish I could feel all crisp and sun shiney and healthy. Oh well – a stud is a stud, right? RIGHT?!!! And healthy? Oh you bet. Only a healthy person would ride a bike 65 miles in the rain – right?!! RIGHT??!!

At least I wasn’t planning on wearing a tiara, tutu and boa like a lot of the women. This ride is the Cinderella Classic and they go all out. I prefer to be a woman of iron so no foo-foo stuff for me!

Stay tuned for a full report.

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3 Responses to Sun? What Sun?

  1. First Nations says:

    howdy! found you on elles blog!1. WHY didn’t i think of the jane jetson icon first? it’s perfect.2. mind if i hang out occasionally?

  2. Mother of Chaos says:

    Can’t wait for the report!! I’ll be dusting off my pom-poms…(but promise I won’t wear the cheerleader outfit, in the interest of preserving SOME dignity…)

  3. Andy.M. says:

    How did you get on?Will check back later 🙂

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