So now we know

A while ago I posted a query as to why Tonya Harding kept showing up on TV. So now we know. NBC is doing (or maybe already did) a special on her. They honestly want to try to paint a picture where we enter a state of ambivalence for our feelings about Tonya Harding? Doubtful – very doubtful.

I actually always did feel a little bit bad for her back then, assuming she was a typically abused woman who had a ragaholic boyfriend who controlled her. I assumed she went along with what was his plan and it was all very tragic. However, after seeing one or two (too many) recent clips of her acting all belligerent and trailer trashy I think not. She has had access to tons of support and help and she could have set about making herself a stronger, less victimized person. I don’t get that that’s what happened, at least not from those clips so there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’d watch a show about her.

Of course I don’t watch stuff like that anyhow but still – why do they bother? Why not spend that time profiling people who overcome adversity and do something great like the guy in the clunky hospital wheelchair who made it up a huge hill in his first race even though he was seeing white with pain (where did I read that? – help). Not there’s a story worth watching!

Anyhow – I just wanted to answer my own question but now that I have the answer I wonder why I had to ask. I could have guessed.

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3 Responses to So now we know

  1. *jeanne* says:

    I think she’s a CREEP. She’s always BEEN a CREEP, and her boyfriend was a CREEP. They deserved each other.And so many CREEPS turn into “stars” for being CREEPS. Sad state of affairs.

  2. jkrunning--Just Keep Running says:

    You said it best, she is very trailer parky. I won’t be watching her special.

  3. stefano says:

    I am lucky, I live in Italy and I cannot watch her special!

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