How to make me see red by 7 AM

Correction: These guys were not convicted of rape – they were convicted of ‘sexual misconduct’. The rape charges were reduced which only makes me more angry:

Dunzweiler was acquitted of charges he coerced Doe into having sex with him. However, he was convicted of five lesser charges, including having sex with another potential recruit, providing alcohol to recruits, lying to Marine investigators and asking others to lie for him. His rank was reduced from staff sergeant to corporal, his pay was docked by $1,300 and he was restricted to base for 30 days.

Sgt. Brian Fukushima was convicted by the military in September of sexual misconduct, adultery and asking a recruit to lie to investigators. He was demoted to corporal, his pay was docked $1,000 and he was restricted to base for 30 days.

A third recruiter, Marine Reserve Cpl. William McFarland admitted guilt and was punished administratively. The terms of his agreement weren’t made public and he isn’t part of Wednesday’s suit.
A third woman who accused one of the recruiters of rape in court-martial proceedings opted not to join the suit, according to lawyer Barry Vogel.

I still say the punishment does not fit the crime and the military is doing itself a disservice when it treats crimes against anyone so lightly.

As for the ‘why would they have to sue if it really happened’ please see this. In short, most rapes to unreported because the defense effort is always to discredit the witness and make her look like she was asking for it or she was consenting. Only very brave women push the envelope on these things and they do it at great pain.

SAN FRANCISCO / 2 teens sue, say Marine recruiters raped them

This is a story about 2 young women who wanted to serve their country so they went to sign up for the Marine Corps. The recruiters raped them. The recruiters were court martialed and found guilty. Their punishment? They got demoted. Then they were ushered out of the Marines.

Jail time? Oh no. No jail time.


I don’t believe they even got a dishonerable discharge.

Apparently raping women is just no big deal in the military. Apparently a woman wanting to serve her country best think twice about that. Otherwise she might spend the rest of her life coping with the fallout.

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7 Responses to How to make me see red by 7 AM

  1. jkrunning--Just Keep Running says:

    I’m not trying to start an arguement, or say that rape isn’t serious, because it is, however this story is very one sided. My husband is a Marine and just got off of recruiting duty, so I take great offense when people say that all recruiters are bad and that women should think twice before serving their country. In order to say that someone is a rapist, it has to be proven. I’m sorry, but that’s the law. Obviously, if this was a clear case of rape, these two men would be in jail, not just demoted and court marshalled. There must be some degree of doubt for the women to have had to take this case to court on their own. The Marine Corps did what they could do in this case, when guilt hasn’t been proven, they court marshalled the men and “suggested” they remove themselves from the Corps. They can’t issue guilt when a court of law hasn’t even done so. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I will get off my soap box and let you get on with your day. Just please remember that there are two sides to every story. Having any relations AT ALL with these girls was wrong of these two Marines, but until a court of law proves that it was rape, it isn’t, and saying that the Marine Corps covered it up and is looking the other way, is wrong.

  2. 21st Century Mom says:

    No soap box needed – just read the article. Here’s a quote that should quell any doubts for you:The two recruiters named in the suit, Sgts. Joseph Dunzweiler and Brian Fukushima, were both convicted and demoted in rank last year following courts martial in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct with recruits. Get that – they were convicted. The women are going to court because they are suing the military. They are angry because losing your job is not a reasonable punishment for rape.The Marine Corps insists that they ‘dealt with’ this right away and the women have no cause. I say they brushed it under the rug and so do the victims.I’m emailing this response as well as posting it.

  3. jkrunning--Just Keep Running says:

    Their conviction was for sexual misconduct with a recruit, not for sexual battery. Sexual misconduct means that they had relations with a recruit, which is against the rules. The Marine Corps sets very firm guidelines for recruit/ recruiter relations. Unfortunately, there are instances where lines are crossed, as in this case. I am not arguing that they were not convicted, but they were not convicted of rape. I feel sorry for these women, I really do, and the Marines (or former Marines) are wrong, but it has not been proven that they raped these women. And it is very unfortunate that this has become a “Marine” thing instead of what it really is. These men were punished by the Marine Corps in the best way the Corps can do, they lost there jobs. If the men were not convicted of rape, then there is nothing else that the Corps can do. They determined the guilt that they could, based on the evidence, that the men were guilty of misconduct with a recruit.

  4. 21st Century Mom says:

    Corrections posted (I think before you posted the comment).The Marines are not saying what sort of discharge these guys got because of a privacy policy of some sort but I really hope it was a dishonerable discharge since what they did was very dishonerable. The women believe they were raped which is why they are carrying on with the lawsuit. We’ll see.This is not a lone incident, by the way. I’m sorry you take offense becaues you have a husband who is an honorable Marine but you really shouldn’t. This doesn’t indict the entire Marine Corps any more than a civilian getting convicted of rape or murder indicts every other man in the world. The conduct of the corps with respect to this case bothers me but that is largely because there is a long history of the military not stepping up to make engaging in ‘sexual misconduct’ something to avoid – or so it seems from the number of similar stories. Here are but a few:Military recruiter accused of sex assaultsArmy recruiter in Florida charged with rapeMilitary recruiters sexually abusing High school students

  5. jkrunning--Just Keep Running says:

    Hey mom, I do admire your thouroghness. (If that is how you spell it.) I don’t take offense to your post in it’s entirety, just mainly the last part. Saying that a women wanting to serve her country ought to think twice. There are many women in our country who have successful military careers, and it’s just irresponsible for anyone to say that all women who enter the military will be sexually harrassed or even raped. Another point I want to make (and then I will stop, I promise 🙂 Is that when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape, the NBA didn’t fire him. Why? Because it was never proven. What these men did, was wrong. They should never have used their “influence” as recruiters to have any contact with these women that was not on a professional level. Whether or not it was rape, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it was ever proven. The same thing as with Kobe. If it’s not proven, they can’t punish them for it. What the Marines did do, was all that they could. They took the appropriate action for the crime that they could prove, which was misconduct. That misconduct would’ve been an issue even if the sex was consentual. It is not okay for them to misrepresent their power. From the article you posted, it does not seem like they were discharged, only punished, the command of their unit then took it upon themselves to “encourage” the Marines to get out. Okay, that’s all. I’m finished. Despite my argumentitive responses. I do enjoy reading your blog and I hope there are no hard feelings.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was involved in the “scandal” as many people reffered to it. I was firmly encouraged to engage in things that were not appropriate with the recruiters. I was not raped and I don’t beleive these girsl were either. The Marine Corps didn’t try to cover it up for a second. I was the one who broke out and was the first one to tell anybody. These girls are riding on coat tails. I told my ex boyfriend who was in Iraq at the time and within a few days, there was a Marine Officer out to interview me and begin the ivestigation. The girls in question hadn’t even signed conracts yet. They frequently Hung out at the office, they attended office parties where they knew there would be alcohol and they willingly partook of underaged drinking. I have been a Marine now for a year and I know that the worst thing that could have happened to the former marines has laready happened. They loved being Marines and aside from their breif period of wrongdoing, were GREAT Marines. They lost the one thing they loved to do. They have been aptly punished and the trial of their lives should be put to rest and they should let the rest of us get on with our lives. I don’t like recieving phone calls at 6am from my mom telling me that the ordeal is back in the news. I don’t like my name in the paper. It’s still being used against me. I know I did the right thing and I know these girls are doing the wrong thing. They’re just after the Money. It’s very aggrivating to watch. It makes me wish i had never said anything….if I hadn’t, they never would have had the courage and they could never publically abuse these former recruiters.

  7. 21st Century Mom says:

    Dean Anonymous,I’m sorry you got involved in anything of this nature – I’m sure there is a lot of pain associated with that. That having been said, unless you were in the same room with these girls it is inappropriate for you to accuse them of just being after the money and of not being willing to come forward had you not come forward. Just because you were not raped doesn’t mean they were not raped. I am sure that these girls will go through absolute hell in the process of making their case and I just don’t believe there is enough money in the world to make a girl go through that just for the cash. The humiliation can’t be worth it.In any case, no Marine who violates the code by feeding alcohol to underaged girls and doing ‘inappropriate things’ with them deserves to be in the corp. I’m sure the many honorable soldiers would agree that guys like that just give the Marines an undeserved bad name.

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