You can come back in now – I took out the video

The problem with posting a video file is that it plays every time you open the page and after a while it gets really, really old.

Sorry about that.

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3 Responses to You can come back in now – I took out the video

  1. stefano says:

    The kind sir Black Knight, is glad to forgive you! Always!

  2. Anonymous says:

    psssst… your blog is all messed up when I look at it with Firefox. Just shows the stuff you have in the sidebar,not the entries…-hh

  3. jeanne says:

    It worked for me! ah well, at least you are keeping us on our toes with all the changes. Btw, you can change the code for the video so that it doesn’t play automatically. let me know and I can tell you which attribute needs to change. And also btw, none of the videos work on a mac! Try designing for safari and macs…impossible! I.E. still holds the most market share, so you’re on safe territory…

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