Me, My New Tenant and Michael Brown

I’m pushing the Brown story to the bottom in favor of welcoming my new tenant The Pajama Mama. I love this woman! First of all she has assumed responsibility for the webring Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and is working hard to energize that group. Although I’m in the ring I can’t claim to be helping out at all – sorry! Second of all she has a huge heart and has recently served as an emergency Mom for a kid in need.

This is how she describes herself :
We can add “she already has three kids, two with severe special needs, and she’s taking in a fourth” to the list of why she’s crazy. Hey, I told you, I have a bleeding heart.

This especially makes her a woman after my own heart as I am a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a child in the foster care system. Kids who get taken out of their homes for any reason have such a hard time and whatever help they can get on their journey is so important. Please step on over to The Pajama Mama’s blog and read some posts.

Back to Brown.. He told the White House that New Orleans was in trouble and then…..
And then he went back to worrying about his wardrobe. Remember that whole thing about the email thread regarding his awesome shirt from Norstrom? I guess when he didn’t get any response from the White House he just sort of gave up – right. The only thing notable about this claim is that is sort of an anti-Bush brown nosing maneuver. Does that mean anything?

And back to me – I ran again today. Madam Garmina was a little flaky but did serve to incent me to hurry it up. For example, it showed crazy slow paces (14+ minute miles) and, when the little widow came up and said ‘Lap 3’ I stopped running because I was almost home and I really wanted to just run 3 miles. The time said: 31:40 so I was thrilled! Then I looked again and the total miles said 2.94. WTS (what the shizzle!??). I turned the thing back on and ran another .25 mile but as it turns out I really did make that first 3 miles i 31:40 for an average of 10:32/mi. Not bad. I don’t know what the deal is with the screen read out. The software seems to work fine. I’ll have to call Garmin tech support.

In a nutshell, things at the White House are still unbelievable in the truest sense of the word but there are still good things happening. And that’s Madonna-thon 2006 Day 1.

ps- Apologies for changing this whole post after publishing it. Sometimes these things happen

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2 Responses to Me, My New Tenant and Michael Brown

  1. jeanne says:

    nice round up of current events and local happenings! i don’t think i know of one single person who has ever used a garmin who has said, hey, this thing works great!! yours seems to be the SOP for how the thing (doesn’t) works.kudos to you for being a CASA. that’s really awesome.

  2. The Pajama Mama says:

    Hey! Thanks for the intro! You rock!!

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