Things that make you go Ugh – Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash – Dec 12, 2005

Elderly people in Appalachia are increasingly ending up in jail because they are selling their prescription drugs to buy necessities. I could go ‘ugh’ at the idea that these folks have so little money they resort to a life of crime but what really makes me go ‘ugh’ is that the prosecution line up (cops, DA, Judge) would sentence these poor people to jail.

Since April 2004, Operation UNITE, a Kentucky anti-drug task force created largely in response to rampant abuse of the powerful and sometimes lethal painkiller OxyContin, has charged more than 40 people 60 or older with selling primarily prescription drugs in the mountains.

Imagine if the people on this task force used their considerable ‘do gooding’ energy and skills to solve the social ills that lead to the elderly giving up their own pain relief in favor of food.


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