Tapped out

Apparently I have nothing left to say. I think of things to write about but they largely political in nature and I don’t really want to write a political blog – there many really good ones out there. I could write about what a stud I am as I work to break a consistent 10 minute mile over a long distance but I’m not there yet. I could write about what I was going to write about which has something to do with parenting teens in our extreme culture that demands more flesh, more booze, more performance, better grades, a thinner body, etc. etc. etc. but so far I’ve manage to avoid tackling those subjects.

For now I’m just going to give it a rest and if my powers of intuition are any good at all I’m guessing no one will miss me – and that’s okay.

Later tater!

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5 Responses to Tapped out

  1. Tuesday says:

    Oh no! At least one more entry on the teen parenting thing. I’d like to know what I am in store for.

  2. Just Tama says:

    Take your break, but don’t think you get away without being missed!You should BE so lucky! 😉

  3. she falters to rise says:

    Have a good break. I have a feeling you have more to say than you think, but it will come someday.

  4. wrnglrjan says:

    Hey, didn’t you make a list about five posts back of stuff you wanted to write about?We’ll miss ya, but enjoy the break.Jan

  5. jeanne says:

    Oh no is right! Yeah, ok, take a break. I want to hear more about breaking the 10 minute mile, what you are doing, how you are training, etc. I know I’m a nerd, but I like details!Feel free to toss in a rant or two about politics and culture.And whatever you do, visit this blog daily (you’ll laugh your a** off):http://harrietmiers.blogspot.com/

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